Swift Release: Dance of the Time Time
Appears in Anime, Manga
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
  • Name: Swift Release: Dance of the Time Time
  • Type: S-rank, Offensive, Short range (5-10m)
  • Taigotsu Clan

The dance of the time time was designed by the now believed to be descieced member of the taigotsu family, Mesumi Taigotsu. Mesumi was an extremely talented ninja who trained in secret because her parents forbade her from anything dangerous, and made her learn the ways of a kimono dancer. The year before the downfall of the Taigotsu family, a group of ninja attempted to abduct her for a ransom, they fell victim to her dance based Genjutsu, the strongest being the dance of the time time.

This jutsu is performed by having the user move quickly in fluid-like motions, then it sends the victim into a state of paralysis in which they know nothing of what is going on in the outside world as if they are stuck in time. the effect of this jutsu strains the victims body and may even stop the heart if performed incorrectly

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