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The sword of seals is a special sword handed down through the generations of a family of the province of pyros, that is used to protect the members of the house and their allies. It started as a normal sword, used by the original head of the clan, and when it pulled the head through many wars and battle, he blessed the sword with a special spell, that granted the blade powers that would further more increase with every heir that receives it. At first, the power that was granted by the original head was the power to protect, and this was done in a very strange, and yet incentive way.

The sword has a large, old looking brush tip on the end of the handle, and at first glance it is just a decorated pommel. But, the secret lies therein, for the brush is always wet with a special ink that can be spread in streaks or characters on any surface, even when there is no solid place fr the ink to rest on. An example would be a wielder of the sword is being attacked. The wielder switches the position of the sword so the tip is pointing behind them, and they swing the brush tip at the air in front of the attacking sword, which creates a wide streak of ink that has the same qualities of a sword in itself, blocking the attack. This can also be used offensively, in the same process.

There are many other strokes for the brush, each added with every heir. These include:

  • Healing stroke

The brush is dragged across a wound, and the ink sets on the cut or gash, covering it and healing it at an accelerated rate. This drains the user of a slight amount of chakra, but it is useful nonetheless.

  • Mist stroke

This stroke is performed by waving the brush frantically, creating a thick, gray fog that is used to conceal the user. Soem have even said it seems to slow time while one is within the fog.

  • Whip stroke

This stroke, like the name implies, creates a whip out of a long, thin stroke of the brush tip. this whip remains connected to the end of the sword, and is often used for grappeling onto many different objects. One wielder, specifically the one who created this, used the technique to swing from the tops of the tall buildings that were characteristic of his hometown.

  • Gust stroke

This stroke, of course, creates strong winds, that can be concentrated(a faster, thinner stroke) for an attack that slices indiscriminately, or can be used to blow things away(a spiral stroke).

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