Tadadori Niikin
Tadadori Niikin Darkadow ==


Tadadori has long blond  hair and her eyes are golden. She usually wears long kimono's with flowers on them and wears a green ribbon around the waist. The ribbon functions as a weapon holster for swords and kunai. She has pretty fair skin and stays at her best physical conditions.


Tadadori has a pretty kind demeanor and she is normally cheerful and enthusiastic. Though if someone does something that would upset her, she will become cold and ruthless in battle and very depressed outside of fighting.


She was born in the Shadow Village to two members of the Niikin Clan. Her kekkai genkai and natural talent allowed her to graduate from the academy at the age of 8, make chunin at 10, and jonin at 14 years old. She was considered a prodigy as a shinobi and at the age of 17 sshe was accepted into the Anbu black ops of her village as an interrogator. She became known as the "Illusion Queen Of the Shadow" at the age of 22 because of her skill in using Genjutsu to torture her opponents mentally to either defeat them in battle or get answers from them. She married Ranpu Darkadow at the age of 26 and after having her twins started staying home more. After Ranpu's death, she taught her twins everything she knew. At her deathbed, she gave Darkamaru a sealed mirror. Knowing he would one day break it accidently, she had sealed her bijuu into it. The seal stated that whoever broke the mirror would be given the power of the 13 tailed coyote.


  • Tadadori was a master at Water and Gold style techniques.
  • Her Kekkai Genkai allowed her to combine chakra types at will and use powerful Genjutsu.
  • She was a Genjutsu Specialist.
  • Her taijutsu and ninjutsu skills were very powerful.
  • She was quick-witted and smart.


(Her last words) "Darkamaru...Please take this mirror as a final gift from me...I must go now. Always remember that I love you and your sister...Goodbye..."

(Before a fight) "Be in awe at my abilities!"

(During interrogations) "Stare into my eyes and watch them...20,000 Death Needles Genjutsu..."

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