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Taijutsu (体術; Literally meaning "Martial Arts") is a basic form of jutsu that generally requires no chakra, but chakra may be used to enhance techniques. Taijutsu generally require no hand seals to perform and are much quicker to use than ninjutsu or genjutsu. Taijutsu is simply put, hand-to-hand combat or weaponry.

Although it is used by nearly all ninja, Rock Lee and his teacher Might Guy use taijutsu almost exclusively, and are experts on many taijutsu techniques. Example of Taijutsu techniques are Dynamic Entry and Leaf Whirlwind. The Hyuga Clan's Gentle Fist, however, makes extensive use of chakra and demands great skill in its control. The taijutsu techniques are the right choices for those that want to save their time and chakra, or for those who rely on their physical attributes.

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