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It begins

In the early morning in Yamagakure Kaijin is standing on tree branch observing the the city from the tree's shadow.  After a moment he concentrates his stare upon a young man, who is is walking with alone down a bustling street.  The young shinobi turns down another path and Kaijin is shown watching from another vantage point while sitting with his arms upon his knees on the top of a building.  The Yamagakure ninja senses someone watching him and looks back at Kaijin who sits their unmoving.

“I've been here long enough,” Kaijin mumbles to himself. “I should have collected more than enough information.”

“Has this guy been following me for the past week?” the ninja thinks as he begins to turn back around but stops short when he decides to confront the man.  “Hey!” the ninja barks as he turns toward Kaijin, but his pursuer had disappeared.

Elsewhere, the midday sun peaks through the foliage near a small village as Kazeyo, dressed in Akatsuki robes, sits on a bench outside of a ramen stand holding a steaming cup.  “What is taking that boy so long?” Kazeyo thinks to himself as he takes another sip of tea.

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