This article, Tainted Forest-Genesis, is property of SahaTo.

  • Name: Tainted Forest-Genesis
  • Rank: S
  • Type: Wood Release, Kinjutsu
  • Range: 0 to 5000ft
  • Users: Yozuro

Raises massive sequoias from the ground, over a radius of about 5000 feet. Those summoned trees are peculiar in that their trunks are completely black and that they have no leaves. Instead, their branches and trunks are exclusively covered with the spines so common to that species of trees. While they are rising from the ground, these trees can impale enemies standing within this radius and should this fail to kill them, the long sharp spines would make quick work of them, ripping their skin and shredding them to pieces. The tree bark is highly resistant to fire and lightning based jutsu. After the jutsu the trees will still remain.

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