Name: Takagan
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Doujutsu
Hand Seals:
Range: All
Inventor: Takahashi Clan
User(s): Dante Takahashi
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

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The takagan apperance varies from each user the only know user of it is Dante Takahashi while using the takagan dantes eyes has a dark red background with two slit pupils making a cross the eyes apperance is also similar to a hawks eyes.


The takagan's origins come from the Takahashi Clan partnership with their hawk's summonings the hawks bestow the power of their eyes to those who show that they have the power to control their hawk summonings and earn their trust the eyes are said to even be able to share their vision with their speical summoning while alot is still unknow about the takagan it seems to be the most powerful Dōjutsu for the takahashi clan , the takagan can also be implanted into another person but the full effect's have yet to be know.


Unable to make it into a paragraph so it will be listed below

  • Allows the user to magnify their vision
  • Enhanced Vision Of Fast Movements
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes

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