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Naruto character

Age Unknown
Blood type A
Gender Male
Current Location Unknown
Village of Origin Otogakure no Sato (In the future)
Rank Jonin


Takahashi wears a full body grey future like armor with long white hair and gold snake-like eyes, he also has the Oto symbol on the chest armor of his suit.


Takahashi is a Oto shinobi from the far future that came to the past so he can kill Naruto before he can become the Rokudaime Hokage and change the future but he was defeated by the forces of Naruto Uzumaki and Master Chief.

He was taken back to the future by Master Chief with his fate unknown.


  • Mission List
    • D - 0
    • C - 0
    • B - 90
    • A - 60
    • S - 0