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"There is good and there is evil. There are those who commit crimes and those who stop them. The two sides are different, as opposite as day and night. And the line between them is clear. Or at least it's supposed to be"
— Takeo Kagami


Naruto fanon character
Takeo Kagami
Birth Date May 18
Age 20
Height 6' 0"
Blood type B
Chakra Nature Lightning,earth,and wind
Gender Male
Team none
Family Teru Kagami(brother) Yukiko Kiyomi (cousin)
Name meaning mirror of valiant male


Takeo was born as an only child for six years he longed for a brother whom he could brag to and teach advanced jutsu to. He eventually got that wish and got to spend several years with his brother Teru Kagami. All was well until Teru and Takeo's parents were killed by the power of an unknown force(later reveled to be Ryuuk the Death Dragon). Takeo wanting revenge traveled the world to know more about Ryuuk leaving Teru with his cousin and lots of babysitters. He eventually met Ryuuk and somehow nearly killed him but realized that by settling for revenge all he got was hatred from his brother.He vowed to never tell Teru what happened in order to keep him going on the same path as Takeo went.


His skin color is similar to his brother's he has semi-long Curly hair.He has Black eyes that also look like it's mixed with onix.Carries a lightning katana and an unknown weapon called the Fremere's Guard on his back.


Bored and quiet but just as talented as his brother maybe even more talented he mostly uses lightning jutsu and never uses jutsu lower than a B-rank. He has so many friends because he can make a friend just by talking to them once he would do anything to save one of his friends from trouble.Kind of shallow although the only people who think so is his brother Teru Kagami and his friend Takeshi Tetsuo.

Likes:Romance related things like chocolate,roses, and Novels about love(like Makeout Paradise) and he likes chow mein.

Dislikes:Action and fighting(or so he says even though he beats up his brother whenever they meet).And Genjutsu.

Needs:A life and a girlfriend that he wouldn't dump within 2 weeks.


  • "You will pay for your wrongful deeds"
  • "Maybe you don't know who you're up against"
  • "Must I always bail you out?!"
  • "I lost because I ate too much chowmein last night."
  • "I'm feeling merciful today so I'll only break one of your arms."
  • "You know you want me."
  • "Whoever made Makeout paradise was a genius!"
  • "I'm hungry so I'll finish this quick."
  • "I'm not a pervert just a creepy stalker that is curious about girls."
  • "Maybe I am a pervert but you did kiss me remember?"


Takeo is great at swordplay but enjoys hand to hand combat like pencak silat(A hybrid martial arts that originated in Indonesia)He uses mostly uses lightning but once in a while he uses wind and earth jutsu and knows most of them excluding forbidden jutsu.He also has his own line of jutsu he created.More coming in a day.

*Lightning Jutsu
*Earth Jutsu
*Wind Jutsu

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