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Basic Information

Naruto character

Age 18
Blood type Unknown
Gender Female
Current Location Konohagakure
Village of Origin Amegakure
Rank Genin (Chunin Level)
Chunin Exam Participating 3rd Time


Takika is a middle-tall girl, who wears her headband around her neck. She carries a bow on her back and wears a straw hat. Her hair is dark blue and long, she wears a mask on her face, she has light brown eyes and wears a blue outfit.


Takika's a member of Team Kaitsuki. They're from the hidden rain, and is specialized in spying and disguise. Their team consists of; Kaitsuki, Takika and Hisame, with an unknown Jonin leader. They're only accepting mission involving spying, defending and infiltration.

Chunin Exams

Team Kaitsuki appeared first outside of the first Chunin Exam Test, where they tried to attack Team Kama, but didn't finish preparing before the prospectors appeared. They weren't seen during the first test.

In the Forest of Death, they appeared as Collectors, who gathered two sets of scrolls. They were later defeated by Team Kama.

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