Full Name Takumi
Kanji 拓実
Rank Missing-nin (rogue)
Age 29
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Village of Origin Kirigakure
Chakra Type Unknown

Takumi (拓実) was a former Mist shinobi who was a part of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist at one point, but was never actually considered a member. He was skilled in the art of swordsmanship (as was custom), and had considerable strength due to Takumi's capability of easily swinging a heavy blade with one hand.

Powers and abilities

His sword, at first seeming like any other blade, actually was forged with artic steel, a rare and hard mineral. It was also relatively heavy, making its use in the forgeries not favored among conventional blacksmiths. Despite its great weight, Takumi can throw it effortlessly across considerable distances, making it a lethal weapon in his hands.

The shinobi is mainly skilled in the use of kenjutsu, knowing various related styles and techniques. Takumi can also produce swords with his chakra, to use if his preferred weapon has been misplaced. It can be inferred that these swords take up a lot of chakra and can be adjusted to the user's own specifications, from Takumi's own descriptions.

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