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Talons of the Wind Demon
Kanji 風魔の爪
Rōmaji Fūma no Tsume
Literal English Talons of the Wind Demon
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank B-rank
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range

}This technique allows the user to form their wind natured chakra into a clawed hand, or talon, which then can be used for a variety of tasks. As the claw formed by this technique is essentially formed out of wind, it is nearly completely invisible to those without chakra visualizing dōjutsu, adding to the mystique of the ability. User's of this technique are shown that the materialized talon extends from one of the user's hands and follows the same movements as the aforementioned hand. The size of the talon generated depends on the amount of chakra utilized to perform the technique. It has been demonstrated that this technique can act as both a extension to the user's arm, as seen when the technique is used to grab things at a distance, and used as a mid-range attack, which can even leave gashes in stone.

While this technique is vulnerable against fire techniques it can also be enhanced via fire, creating a fiery talon in the process. Under these conditions the materialized claw was short lived, quickly burning up, but possessed an increased amount of destructive potential.

This technique was originally thought to be unique to Kazeyo Fuyutama, who likely created it, but was later seen being used by his granddaughter, Yokōkaze.