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Tarot Release
Kanji 難解な リリース
Rōmaji Nankaina Rirīsu
Literal English Tarot Release
Classification Hiden Jutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Derived jutsu
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Tarot Release (難解な リリース, Nankaina Rirīsu) is the Hiden Jutsu of Kaori Misaka and the Misaka clan of Getsugakure. The user carries around a deck of tarot cards as a focus for their chakra. The younger members of the clan only receive a few of the clan's Tarots, while the head of the clan may have up to hundreds of different cards at their disposal. By utilitizing their chakra into the cards of the user's choosing, they can release its abilities similar to Sai's Super Beasts Imitation Picture, with each tarot card having a different effect upon use.

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