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TatsuKami (ドラゴン神, Lit. Dragon God) are the previous rulers of Dorakuzan, similar to the Kais or the Yonkou, and are said to be "The Voices of Saitatsu". After an unkown inccident, the Tatsukami were scattered across Dorakuzan. Some even went as far as the shinobi world. Eack represents a diffrent power; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ligtning, Darkness, Light, Desire(also known as Dream), Destruction(also known as War), and Divinity.


Name Element Circulates Through... Blocked By... Description Placement of Seal
Arulunda Fire Willpower Shame Haizo relives his fight against Soul Edge in the "Seige of Soul Edge" arc. However, instead of Haizo winning like what really happened, he instead is defeated and faced with the thoughts of giving up and surrendering. He soon remembers that Seireitou had his back and that his friends were rooting for him, which allows him to overcome his desire to give up and ultimatly defeat Soul Edge, passing the trial. Chest
Arushen Water Pleasure Guilt Haizo relives his defection from Squad 13 and joining Seireitou. He is soon faced with regret for leaving them behind and allowing Seireitou to harm them, feeling guilt and anger towards himself for allowing it to happen. The story however is rewritten to the point where Seireitou kills his past squad due to him not being there to protect them. He quickly hates himself and begins to think of suicide. Yet, he then remembers that it didnt truly happen, that this was meerly the work of Arushen. He then remembers that he chose the right path and sided with them during his battle against Seireitou. This realization allows Haizo to pass the trial. Stomach
Jyuubi Earth Survival Fear Haizo relives his fight against Pein during the "Akatsuki's Move" arc. He faces Pein in battle only to fail with every attack and begins to fear for his life. He is scared of dieing and attempts to run away but then discovers that Pein has captured Tsuneide and his other friends and is about to kill them. Through care, he overcomes his fear and defeats Pein, passing the trial. Right Leg
Arufurou Wind Love Grief Haizo faces the realization of his love for Tsuneide ending, once with Tsuneide hating him and another with Tsuneide dieing at Haizo's hands. He is soon faced with remorse and greif, but overcomes it by remembering that his love would even trascend illusions and even lifetimes, coming to the fact that Tsuneide's soul would always be existant, reguardless of her body or mind. This realization allows Haizo to pass the trial. Left Leg
Rakurai Lightning Truth Lies Haizo goes through the deceptions of his childhood. Being brought from Konoha to Kumo and being nothing more then a test dummy for the Raikage to learn of the Byakugan's secrets. By coming to face these misconceptions, he was able to forgive and forget, thus clearing this trial. Right arm
Shiranui Desire Gaining Everything Losing Everything Haizo's goes through a process where he has everything he could ever want, a perfect childhood, rich parents who love him, the works. However, when he loses all of it in one blow, he must deal with understanding and how not everything he wants may be possible. This understanding allows Haizo to pass this trial. Left arm
Daikirai Darkness Restraint Hate Haizo relives his fight against Seireitou in the "Battle of Destiny" arc. He is overcome in deep hatred for Seireitou and is put in a position where he can now kill Seireitou, fufilling his goal of ending Seireitou's life. However, he remembers the good times of the two, saying that his hated is nothing but a fake and overcomes his fake desire and spares Seireitou, allowing him to pass the trial.
Dainichi Light Insight Illusion Haizo enters Dainichi's world and sees a bright and sunny place. As he tries to find Dainichi, he meets many different people native to the world. However, things are not as they appear. Soon, the same kind he befriended soon tries to take his life. Haizo attempts to fight but refuses to take a life. However, he differenciates these kids and this world as an illusion to whcih the illusion shatters and Dainichi appears, saying that the illusions could not be broken because of Haizo's doubt in his own destiny. He also gives Haizo the rest of the Dragon Cycle Tablet, which conveyed the rest of the legend and Haizo's role in it. Dainichi declares the trial, a pass. Upper Back
Kinryu Destruction Absolute Power Destruction of those close to you At the 9th trial, Haizo confronted Kinryu, the god of destruction. However, this time, Kinryu showed Haizo his absolute power and Haizo deals with the knowledge that his power comes nowhere near Kinryu's power. However, he refuses to give up, remembering all his life's fights and missions and goals. He faces Kinryu in Shukai and defeats him, thus clearing the 9th trial. Below the Eyes
Hikami Divinity Pure Cosmic energy Earthly attachments His final trial, he must face his lifelong companion, Hitatsu. In an epic battle, Haizo refuses to take his friend's life and refuses to fight, whereas Hikami begins beating his face in. However, soon he remembers his trials one by one during his beatings. One by one, the seals put on him by every one of the Tatsukami of past trials begin to glow, and Haizo begins to remember that no matter what, a murderer, a betrayer, or even an enemy, he wil always be Haizo Hyuga. He then awakens all of the 9 seals and faces Hikami with the intent to kill him. However, once he begins to deliver the killing strike, he refuses to end it like this, saying that this is not destiny. Hikami soon sees that resolve in Haizo, and ultimatly admits to Haizo becoming stronger and understanding the true meaning of power and divinity. Hikami calls the trial a success and offers Haizo the final Tatsukami seal. Forehead

Connections and Abillities


Said to be the "Voices of Saitatsu", the Tatsukami are a sort of gate, able to create a pathway to heaven and able to unlock the full power of Saitatsu.


During the beginning, when the three beings of creation became the three Blades of Absolute Creation, when Saitatsu had to leave its physical body, it used it's energy to split it into 10 separate bodies, each holding a small amount of Saitatsu's power, that would soon become souls and be known as the Tatsukami. Legend says that in order for the weilder of Saitatsu, namly Haizo, in order for them to unlock the blade's full untapped power, he must first go through the Trials of the Ryukami.

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