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Team Hotaku is a genin team in Shadows of the Past, and its also the main focus of the story. The team consists of Hotaku Kamateru (the jonin leader), Takatsuke Uzumaki, Katoru Uchiha and Hikarime Yakama. The team has went through 10 official missions, of which 7 have been D-Rank and 3 C-Rank.


Team Hotaku was formed when Takatsuke, Katoru and Hikarime passed from the ninja academy and were given a jonin teacher to lead the forward as genin. They recieved the entushiastic Hotaku Kamateru as their teacher, and with the help of their teacher the team managed to go through 9 missions.

The tenth mission was a C-Rank mission to deliver three scrolls to Sunagakure safely. However, the team was ambushed on their way to the Sand Village. The ambushers were missing-nin led by the famous missing-nin Kurokage Yomino, Assassin of Shadows and a master of Secret Technique: Manipulated Darkness. After a tight battle, Hotaku managed to defeat Kurokage. In the meantime the genin had taken on Kurokage's lesser followers, and while doing that managed to capture and threat Hikarime. However, Takatsuke activated his Akashogan for the first time and made quick work with the team, revealing Rasengan in the process.

After the Sunagakure mission Hotaku gave his team a chance to take part in the Chunin exams to be held in Konoha that year. Before the exam he taught Takatsuke and Katoru the Summoning Technnique. The team passed the first, written part of the exam quite easily, but they encountered trouble in Forest of Death. A team of missing-nins disquised as genin attacked their team, being hired to do so by Kitsunekamen. The leader took on Takatsuke and summoned a wolf to attack him, but Takatsuke suddenly released a mass of golden chakra and defeated the team in a matter of seconds. After that it didn't take the team long to pass the second part of the exams.

Currently the team is preparing for the final part of the exams.

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