Team Number: 18

Sensei: Minato Namikaze

Members: Seireitou Hyuga, Itachi Uchiha, Kurenai Yuhi


Survival Test

This mission is assigned to Team Minato by Minato himself, and will determine whether or not his three students will become a genin. It only has a 66% chance of failure, but after Minato teases them that they can’t do it, the team decides that they will be able to and so they take Minato up on his challenge. He tells them to arrive in the morning, and that they shouldn’t eat any breakfast unless they “enjoy throwing-up.” Once Minato arrives, he tells them the objective of the mission. Minato holds up two bells, and explains that the goal is to try and get one bell from him. And since there are only two bells, the person who doesn’t get one will be sent back to the academy. The team tries their best, and only Itachi gets a bell, whereas Kurenai and Seireitou have to decide who will get the bell..... (To be continued)

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