This article, Team Ryuu, is property of Ryuu Uchila.

Name: Team Ryuu

Members Chakara: Ryuu:Fire, Lighting, Aki:Water, Fire(only because of sword) Sumaru:Star

Village of Origin: Ryuu:Leaf, Aki:MIst, Sumaru:Star

Current Village(All members): Leaf

Description: Team Ryuu is composed of the three former Akatsuki members who had a change of heart and now spy on the Akatsuki for the leaf village each member was born in a different village.Although Aki is a Jonoin since Ryuu was an Anbu member before he the village he is team leader.

Jutsu (All members just mixed together in one list): Ninja Art Kojoku, Water Clone Jutsu, Dragon Flame Clone Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Ninja Art Kusaki.

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