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  • An inactivated Teiōgan…
  • …going into Burst Mode.
Kanji 帝王眼バーストモード
Rōmaji Teiōgan Bāsuto Mōdo
Literal English Sovereign Eye Burst Mode
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Teiōgan Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu
Class Supplementary
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Derived jutsu

The Teiōgan Burst Mode is a heightened transformation, similar to a chakra mode, which is available only to those who have both Teiōgan.


While this mode is activated, the user's Teiōgan eyes glow a brilliant emerald, with wisps of chakra coming off of the eye itself. Depending on the amount of chakra being poured into the dōjutsu, the veins around the eyes may also bulge in a similar fashion to the Byakugan. When this mode is activated, a tremendous burst of chakra is released from the user, giving the mode its name.


This form enhances the user's Teiōgan, allowing it to completely see the Chakra Pathway System, including all of the body's tenketsu. Other details about this mode are currently unknown.

Teiōgan Chakra Mode

Teiogan Chakra Mode

Teiogan Chakra Mode.

Upon gaining complete mastery of Burst Mode, a member of the Abura Clan can then learn to control their tenketsu, releasing the unique chakra formed by Burst Mode to enter the Teiōgan Chakra Mode (帝王眼チャクラモード, Teiōgan Chakura Mōdo, Literally meaning: Sovereign Eye Chakra Mode). Unique among chakra modes, the Teiōgan Chakra Mode only covers the user's dominant arm, and any weapons therein, in an aura of cyan-colored flames. The size of the flaming aura is an indicator on how proficient and strong a user is while in Teiōgan Chakra Mode.

Teiōgan Sage Mode

Main article: Teiōgan Sage Mode

Teiogan Sage Mode

The Teiōgan Sage Mode.

The "Teiōgan Sage Mode" (帝王眼仙人モード, Teiōgan Sennin Mōdo, Literally meaning: Sovereign Eye Sage Mode) is a type of Sage Mode, similar to the Six Paths Sage Mode, which drastically increases the user's capabilities in combat. It is achieved by combining one's chakra with the special chakra used to awaken the Teiōgan, as well as senjutsu chakra. In this mode, the user gains access to all five nature transformations and Yin-Yang Release. This mode also automatically gives the user Truth-Seeking Balls.

Like Sage Mode, the user's strength, speed, and reflexes are all dramatically increased. Unlike the traditional Sage Mode, however, this form is self-sustaining: allowing the user to easily gather natural energy, even when in motion — similar to what a jinchūriki with senjutsu can accomplish. Like the previous mode, it also enhances the user's Teiōgan, allowing it to completely see the chakra pathway system, including all of the body's tenketsu, like the dōjutsu's predecessor — the Byakugan.


  • This technique seems to be a coming-of-age ability among the Abura Clan. Once a member unlocks Burst Mode, they are considered an adult by the rest of the clan.

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