Tengokuyaima: Heavens Blade

tengokuyaima (heavens blade) is the ancient sword which was used by the first tengu to create all other tengu and as well as all spirit beings (excluding Gods and Biju). it is only given to other powerful tengu, or a shinobi that is pure of heart and has gone through tenjutsu training, and even then he must be deemed worthy and judged to be strong enough for it. It has three stages of power. its general abilities deal with creation and manipulation of heavenly chakra and tenjutsu. its main attribute is light and the soul (lifeforce). it is one of the three blades of life and is considered to be the most powerful

Tengokuyaima: Stage 1

335047-soul calibur super

tengokuyaima stage 1

In its first stage, tengokuyaima is a single blade with a split going down the middle. in stage one, it uses 15% of its full power. it is very powerful and durable. because this blade is made of heavenly energy, it does extra damage to bijuu and demons.

Tengokuyaima: Stage 2

Blade of Lost Gods

tengokuyaima stage 2

In stage 2, tengokuyaima takes the form of two identical glowing blue swords that give off a mystic blueish-white, aura-like fog. in stage two, the blades use 60% of its full power. in this stage however, the blades cannot physically cut a person (can still stab though). instead, it cuts away at the enemy's chakra. the blades must actually touch the opponent to cut his chakra though. in this stage , each slash that is made against a bijuu or demon dispells a portion of evil chakra from it. after 25 slahes the bijuu will be completely purified, and the bijuu will turn human. (this does not apply to jinchuriki).

Tengokuyaima: Stage 3

393px-Soul Calibur in SCIII

Tengokuyaima's true form

This is tengokuyaima's true form. in this state it is at 100% full power. it is one single blade that is glowing blue and has sharp points all over the handle and guard. although it is a sword of purity, it can cause the user to loose control of it simply because it is made completely from the energies of heaven, and its power is inconcievable in this mode. in this mode, it not only cuts chakra, but the very soul. it can also physically cut the opponent again. in this stage, if its is stabbed through the heart of a jinchuriki(this will not kill the jinchurikki, only knock him out) it will absorb the bijuu into its blade where it will be purified. it then releases the bijuu 60 min later where it will come out as a human with no memories of its past as a bijuu but only happy memories instead allowing the bijuu to live a happy human life. it does the same for demons. it can also purify curse mark users by stabbing them in the area the curse mark originates(this doesnt kill them) ridding them of the evil seal.

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