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Tenjokai Path
Ryun's Male Path 2
Classification: Kekkai Genkai, Ninjutsu
Parent Jutsu: Four Paths of Ryun
Derived Jutsu: None
User(s): Ryun Mazuka

The Tenjokai path (テンジョカイ, Heaven) is the fourth and final body of Ryun's Four Paths of Ryun to be shown. It's powers are mainly summons, but to a different degree than Pain's Six Paths version, the Animal Path. While it can summon animals, it also can summon objects and barriers to which it can use to varying degrees.


It appears as a short male, with unruly blue hair and Taifugan eyes. It is also the most muscular of Ryun's Four Paths.


The Tenjokai path's main abilities revolved around summoning various animals and tools to aid it in battle. Each creature and/or tool served a different purpose in battle, much like every path of Ryun was also different from the others.

Tactics wise, the path's primary role in battle appeared to be overwhelming multiple opponents with its summons. However, no blood sacrifice has been made when performing a Summoning Technique by this path.

Summons (Animals)

Non-Sentient Objects


  • As with many of Ryun's techniques, it is influenced by Chrisitan terminology. The final, Tenjokai, is a reference to life in heaven, where the Lamb will lay down with the Lion, according to the Bible.

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