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Tenkogakure (村隠し天空のキツネ, lit. Village Hidden in the Heavenly Fox; Viz Media, "Celestial Fox Village") is a small ninja village that takes it's place at the northern end of the Rice Field Country, north of Otogakure. It's leader is named by the title, Tenkage (天国の影, lit. Heaven Shadow) and it's current leader is Seireitou Kawahiru, also the current leader of Akatsuki.


The village itself is unseen, and it's marked location appears as a large crater. It appears that a powerful barrier surrounds the village; when one attempts to enter the barrier, they will walk out instantly to the other side and so on. This is a foolproof defensive to break off any connection that Tenkogakure has with the outside world. When one gains access by a yet-to-be-explained method, the inside appears as a large city of buildings and roads. Many people seem to live here, and are often seen frolicking in the village. When one is inside, the world seems vast and appears that "outside" the village is endless fields and forests. Why and How this phenonimon occured has yet to be explained.


Tenkogakure was once known as Otogakure 2, a holding ground for runaways who were planning a revolt against Orochimaru. A previous convict of Orochimaru was Seireitou, who along with Shiori Miyamoto and Kenji Takomade, entered this second Sound village and joined the resistance. As they used their own unique skills, Seireitou quickly rose to the ranks as the resistance's leader.

A carefully planned procedure soon resulted in a large-scale war, where Kenji was killed in battle. Outraged, Seireitou soon was able to crush Orochimaru's army, and liberate the village, driving the Sannin and his servant Kabuto out of the village. What occured after has yet to be explained, but it is infered that Seireitou soon renamed the village and took over it as it's official leader.

Some say that Tenkogakure's location was the sight of the fight between the Sage of Six Paths and the Ten Tailed Bijuu God, which resulted in the Moon's creation, as stated by legend.



  • Infront of the large crater of Tenkogakure's marked location, stands a stone slab which states "Abandon all Hope, Ye who enter here."

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