Jingu (Tennokokyu
Kanji 天の呼吸
Rōmaji Tennokokyū
Literal English Breath of Heaven
Appears in Manga, Game
Classification Void Release, Kekkei Genkai
Class Supplementary
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

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Tennokokyū is a high level Void Release technique. The jutsu takes advantage of void release's ability to trap and move energy sources within an isolated matrix. However, unlike other forms of void release techniques which pull out or exterminate an enemy's chakra, this void release technique traps the wielder's chakra within a matrix and then draws it out to be used to an extent beyond the wielder's natural potential.

The technique requires that the wielder has a massive amount of chakra reserves. This is due to the fact that the amount of chakra the user is already capable of accessing is directly proportional to the amount of chakra that can be drawn out by the technique's effect. If the wielder already does not have a large amount of chakra to access, the relative increase in power would be too small for the technique to really be effective.

Jingū's Tennokokyū

Jingū's version drastically enhances his speed and strength. While in this form he is capable of performing his jutsu at a higher degree. Jingū's appearance is altered so that his blue cloak glows. Along the ends of the cloak are three swirl patterns, with six extensions. An ethereal magatama necklace forms above his scarf which radiates with a bright white aura. A red oval shape glowing pattern, with two protrusions, appears in front of his face, and his hair glows blue. As well, the sleeves of his haori glow violet and extend out where a rectangular red pattern with three yellow circles are embellished. Jingū notes that this form resembles, to some extent, Afura, as a testament to the first Jingū's quiet admiration of his father.Later Inzishi learns it.