Tenshi Mori-oni is the grand-daughter of Ichibu Mori-oni and is the current Nozomikage (Sandaime Nozomikage, Third). Her name completely contradicts itself; it means 'Angel Helping-Demon.' As strong of a shinobi she is, she is completely unstable. When she activates the Nozomigan she goes berserk and will hurt anyone near her; friend or foe. To stop this, she created her own technique so she doesn't have to use the Nozomigan. The justu is called the Frame Technique. It is called this because she literally makes a camera made of chakra and takes a photo of her enemy and seals their opponent in the photo. This techniques requires little chakra but is extremely hard to master.

Personality and Traits

Tenshi Mori-oni is the current Nozomikage. She is mentally unstable when she activates the Nozomigan. She goes on a rampage and destroys everything in her path. The first time she activated the Nozomigan she killed her mother on accident. She became feared by the villagers and made it hard to gain the villagers' trust. She did this by sealing the Matsubi Zou (Six-Tailed Elephant) inside of Touji Ukiyohi saving the village from destruction when she was 22 years old.

Age: 39

Sex: Female

Birthday: May 29

Blood Type: AB

Nozomigan Activation: Level 1 (Nozomigan) Note. Only Nozomikage without Tsuyoi-Nozomigan

Rank: Kage Level

Main Techniques and Jutsu

1. Frame Technique

This technique was invented by Tenshi after she killed her mother. She creates a camera out of chakra and takes a photograph of her enemy. Her enemy is sealed in the photo.

2. The 10 Puppets of Chikamatsu's Collection

This technique summons 10 different puppets that have their own purpose. Each puppet is used on one finger of the shinobi using the technique.
Puppet 1 uses brute attacks.
Puppet 2 uses defensive maneuvers and can create a chakra shield.
Puppet 3 disables chakra and binds opponents.
Puppet 4, or Buddha, works with puppets 6 and 8 to create a vacuum seal.
Puppet 5 uses wind-blades at the end of its hands to hurt opponents, works with puppet 9.
Puppet 6, or Dharma, works with puppets 4 and 8 to create a vacuum seal.
Puppet 7 uses dual swords to cut enemies in two, only female looking puppet.
Puppet 8, or Songha, works with puppets 4 and 6 to create a vacuum seal.
Puppet 9's right arm attaches to puppet 5 so it can fling puppet 5.
Puppet 10 has cords that come out of its head to pierce enemies or to bind them.


Nozomigakure no Sato

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