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These are the three most powerful ninja of Echo's time. Each member represents something that is symboled through a beast and has techniques unique to them.

The Shadowed Puma

Former: Unknown Shapeshifter


The Shadowed Puma represents the ancient art of Ninjutsu itself. Each Shadowed Puma is a master of Shapeshifting.

The Maned Lion

Former: Monk's Master

Current: Monk

The Maned Lion represents the heart of battle that drives shinobi to fight. Each Maned Lion is a master of chakra control and draining.

The White Tiger

Former: Tuskatoru

Current: Echo Uchiha

The White Tiger represents Yin and Yang, the balance of life and death and good and evil. Each White Tiger is a master at smithing chakra and is the top ranked swordsman in the world.

The white tiger usually is the patriach considering their raw power.

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