The Guard (Bannin) is a group of gathered Shinobi from each Nation. It is made up of 5 members, one candidate from each Major Country. Each member is of the highest calibur and each has a troop of 100 or more men.

Name of Member Village Mark Special Trait Position
Shakaku Moetatsu Konohagakure Tatto of Flaming Wings Tsuyagan Leader, Tactical Expert
Vacant Kirigakure Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Kumogakure Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chisuna Maruichi Sunagakure Sand Gourd on Lower Thight Puppet Master Mobile Corps
Vacant Iwagakure Unknown Unknown Unknown

Background Information

In an effort to link the Five Nations, The Guard was formed. Lead be Konohagakure's representative ninja, they work in a similar fasion to the Akatsuki. Along with the Shinobi and Kunochi troops from each village, The Guard would be incharge of Special Tasks and Combat during the war. They are a Secret Weapon in a way, and each leader is incredibly powerful. The Guard was created during a Summit at the Iron Country, following the main Naruto storyline.


Village Reps- The Five top members, who are representatives to the 5 Nations each have a standard outfit. They each wear their own attire. Over this, each membet wears a hooded cloak thats color matches their original village. (i.e. Red for Konoha, Teal for Kiri, Baige for Suna, Dark Brown for Iwa, and White for Kumo.)

Troops- The ninja wear standard shinobi attire that comes from their own respective village. They seem to also wield weaponry that comes from their village. Their techniques as well come from their standard village, as it should be.


The Guard was created solely to bring peace to the world and gather the Five Great Countries. While they want to become a Peace Corps, if war breaks out they will step in as well and fight. Some say this is brute force and ganging up, but others say that its a great method that will help the world.

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