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After Takeshi, got back, he sat on a chair and staired at a wall for hours. He wondered for hours, What should I do? Am I doing the right thing?

"Yo." said a voice. Suddenly, the face of Seireitou fell from the roof. He showed himself standing atop the ceiling via chakra. "You seem troubled. Wanna talk about it?" started Seireitou.

"Sure," said Takeshi.

Sei flipped through the air, acrobatically, dropping to the floor on his feet. He was already dressed in his usual attire, with his powerful blade stationed by his backside. "Alright then, so what's up?"

Takeshi sighed and said, "The place we're going to rob isn't just a museum, it's a secret military base."

Seireitou narrowed his eyes and yawned, "Like that's anything new. With Senna's actions to free Kagegakure, I'm no stranger to Military bases. Now then, tell me. What's really eating away at you?" asked Sei, convinced that Takeshi had something else bothering him.

Takeshi sighed again, "They somehow got Ryun and are holding him captive there."

Seireitou's eyes narrowed down, and smiled. "Oh really now? Wow, old age must be gettin to poor Ryun." he replied chuckling. He then became serious, and faced Takeshi, "But seriously, Ryun can hold his own for now. But, there's not a moment to waste on the matter." he continued, with a smile and a look of determination in his eyes.

Takeshi smiled, "You're right, thanks man."

After that Takeshi wasn't bothered anymore and didn't feel guilty. Then, Hikaru said, "Time to go," and everyone got ready and then they teleported away.

The Heist Begins

Everyone looked around as they teleported into Crystopolis.

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