The Isle of the Blooming Flowers
Kanji エデンの園
Rōmaji Edennosono
Literal English The Garden of Eden
English TV Island of Blooming Flowers
Village Data
Country Land of the Heavens Blossom
Leader Hanako Yagami
Symbol Blooming Flowers
Population 4/5
Military 0/5
Economy 3/5

"The Moon prays with us. She holds our faces to her and breathes her song into our being. She is a our guardian, our witness, and at times, our temptress. To know our Moon Self, is to experience the tides within our bodies and souls. To become intimate with our own inner creatures and be at peace with their instinctive natures."
— Unknown inhabitant

Garden of Eden Blooming Flowers

~Theme of the Isle

The Garden of Eden (エデンの園, Edennosono).This was (or is) an island that was truly rich with exuberant vegetation in spring and summer, carpeted in flowers of every color. The priestesses of The Isle of the Blooming Flowers were enchanting celebrants, meaning that they praised their God and Goddess through sacred celebration with music, song and dance. They made beautiful wreaths and garlands, adorning their modest temple and the many animals they kept tame upon the grounds. A spiritual location sought after by the greatest conquerors and for those whom seek enlightenment from a dark world.

They worked with the fiery elemental forces of plants and trees, and had marvelous gardens of flowering plants and vegetables. The color of their robes was saffron with scarlet mantles and their gemstone was the garnet. For The Isle of the Blooming Flowers, the power animal was the honey bee.



"Earth is our treasure chest. It mirrors the cool, the warm, the comforting, as well as the dazzling and powerful. We are children of the Earth, who is the mother of our elemental hopes and dreams. She proceeds us into the greater experience and we cannot imagine life without Her. Yet, as all mother's recognize, there will come a time to cut the cord and the Child will move out into new realms of thought, feeling, experience and responsibility."
— Zōu Shì

Over two millennia ago, in the days of old before the founding of the hidden villages shinobi a lone isle flourished in the mists beyond the worlds comprehension. Full of animated and vibrant vegetation, the Isle of Blossoming Flowers was a global force in a world still young. The Isle of Blossoming Flowers was primarily an irenic location and was renowned for their spiritual advancements and in the concepts of astronomy and alchemy and a pre cursor to chakra manipulation. One of their key achievements was their understanding, invention and possession of the Chariot of the Sun, a smaller version of the merkabah the legendary imcea plant and the Blood Flower. The island has been sought by multiple nations overtly and surreptitiously for the artifacts mentioned above. The enigmatic island also praised the primordial Shinju, for its fruit bearing powers were worshipped by the small island. This was all that was known about the mysterious country, as access to it was completely impossible by natural standards as you see, the island existed in both the astral plane and in the physical plane and required a certain "key" in order to gain access.

Karametra s acolyte

Life on the mysterious isle, was what some would consider paradise. Its appearance is comparable to the fabled continent Mu.

Among the first clans was that of the Tokisada Clan. As far as origins go, the Tokisada clan has been dated to be amongst the oldest clans or rather family in the shinobi world and their Connection of All Worldly Things serve as a reminder to their lineage. As a mystery to the shinobi world, the Tokisada clan represented the physical embodiment of the earth along with it’s spiritual form. Their ancient legacy and the mystery surrounding them often pinged at them living in another plane of existence. But before the Tokisada clan, the inhabitants were nomads. Drawn to the high spiritual energy of the island, it was a place that many called their home. The progenitors to the Yagami clan, the Senryo clan, the Hara clan so on and so forth. Though many of the clans were virtually unknown outside the island aside from the Tokisada and the Senryo due to the monetary influence within the shinobi world, their impacts are still felt throughout the globe.


The island existed in an era called the Time of the Mists, in which a fine etheric substance that can be imbued into a vaporous element is formed. This fine etheric substance is known as Azoth, and from this Prima Matra or first matter is created. Azoth is similar to Aether, but more electric in nature. Plant life now undergoes experience within pathways that open into an earthen-like sphere which is not entirely corporeal, yet not of the cloud-like quality of the previous mythical era. This island is more like a density of tissue which is malleable and elastic in nature. This island harbored all sorts of exotic plant life. There were plants which assisted in chakra control, illnesses, and other various impairments as well. Certain plants even boosted various elemental chakra natures of a person, an example being the enigmatic Imcea plant which drastically increased the potency of lightning chakra users. Another unique form of plant life is the unique species of flying fungi, which a comparable to the size of an human adult male.


Exotic fungi that only exists on the isle.

These fungi, has the ability to secrete highly strong toxins, that if burned, the smoke can cause blindness, the secretions from the fungi, can cause extreme blisters an sores throughout the skin and if consumed, it can case immediate death. It was long believed that this particular form of fungi was created by the gods as a curse to inflict on the wicked. On the isle, no is allowed to venture into the forest that these fungi inhabit, except for those are miraculously unaffected by the toxins located within this fungi.

Geographic Location

Geography and Climate

As mentioned before, the island is dually located and appears in both the physical plane and the astral plan simultaneously. In the physical it existed in various locations as the island inhabitants were able to change its vibrational frequency to a higher plane of existence. This also helped flourish the plant life as well. Hence why no one could find the island, unless one could see through the Azoth, hope would be loss if those who were unaware of the islands two locations. With its warm and gentle trade winds, mild temperatures and sunny skies, Blooming Flowers is an ideal destination throughout the year. Generally speaking, the land is tropical, but the temperature and climate can vary dramatically depending on where you are located.

IOTBF Temples

Massive temple complex located within the massive subterranean caverns.

Special Locations

Sacred Wells

Sacred Wells were numerous in ancient history of the Isle of Blossoming Flowers. These holy waters of healing were often dedicated to patron Goddesses. They were spiritual way stations for those who thirsted both of the spirit and of the flesh. Gazing into a well or pool of the Goddess was used as a "scrying mirror" for oracles in which to see the future or "remote viewing" of some physical place, event or other dimension. Such a "mirror" also allowed the meditative seeker to move into his / her deeper space of being and come into contact with the ALL. These concepts were once thought to descend from the First Sage of Enlightenment. The location of these wells have been used by the Sage of the Mental Plane and the Empress of the Majikina Empire, Namino Majikina in order to view the future of her own kingdom and beyond the boundaries of our senses.

Falcon Fountain

From the Akashic record is revealed that there was once a fountain in the island from which water from a sacred spring burst forth through the beak of a falcon sculpture. The falcon in this instance, represented a solar "god" who descended upon the shoulder of the destined king of the land, once the Priestess found him worthy of that honor. It was She who opened the way for the soul of the new king to summon the crowning falcon. In the fountain depicted above, the King of the Land was anointed by the Priestess and thereby was established his "Right to Rule."


Early Epoch

A very "organic" period in which the inhabitants of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers merged their being with the planet and its heartbeat. The material forms they created in this environment flowed within the patterns of the most natural style and rhythms of the earth. During this time, the first residents were highly spiritual, even more so than now. They believed in one universal consciousness and that humans were just a single manifestation of the all.

Middle Epoch

While technology was still in full force, there were an increasing number of villagers who began to reject much of the advances of the islands advance science. They saw that the natural spiritual "being" of the people was rapidly decreasing as a result. Groups began to form from among both the science community and the spiritual, coming together to work for a transition into a less mechanical world. It was not their intent to throw out all technology, but to simply bring it into balance with spirit. There was resistance to this movement by the large majority of those in power at the time. The people in general ranged from indifferent to highly concerned, but took no real action in support of either side.

Sacred Seal

Main article: The Primordial Titan The sacred seal of the Holy Order on The Isle of Blooming Flowers was a golden bee against an early version of the Fleur de Leis in green. The field was scarlet. This seal, was on the islands national flag, as it was considered a symbol of love. The origin of their ancient seal dates back nearly three to four millennia ago. During this time, it was thought that their symbol was used for ancient rituals in regards to reincarnation similar to the Gushkin-banda: Sanjiva Naga - Art of The Infinitely Peerless One application. It was then told that this unique seal was applied in Gaoh's Lugalbanda technique. Now, in the recent century, the Isle of the Blooming Flowers adopted a new symbol for their purity. Their symbol is the garment of nature, a true flower however, the honey bee is still the sacred animal.


Trivia & Behind the Scenes

  • The Isle of the Blooming Flowers is not really an island at all due to its size. In fact, it is three times larger than the Land of Rivers.
  • The Sage of the Physical Plane, Ukyo Hara was born on this mysterious land.
  • The theme for this island is the Mystical Island stage from Tekken 6.
  • For the time period the inhabitants of this island lived in, the were and still are considered the most advanced civilization seen in the series due to their esoteric and technological advancements in science and astrology.