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The Land of Cranes(ランドクレーンの, Tsuru no Kuni) is warm, forest-covered country located south-east of the Land of the Sea.


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'Kijuuki (起重機, Kijuuki; Literally Meaning "Crane") is the capital city of the Land of Cranes. It is where the country's Daimyo, the daimyo's court, and the country's samurai live.


Hanegakure (村隠し風の下で, Hanegakure no Sato; Literally Meaning "The Village Hidden Under the Wing") is the Hidden Village of the Land of Cranes. The village is hidden within a canyon that is surrounded by shallow wetlands. The shinobi of this village seem to specialize in Water Release Ninjutsu and Genjutsu


Pass of Tranquil Respite:

  • The Pass of Tranquil Respite was once a battlefield during the Second Shinobi World War in which shinobi from three different countries fought. After the fighting ended, the area was closed off to serve as a memorial to those that had fallen in battle.

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