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Peace requiem Knights emblem svg

The emblem of the Order of the Yasuragindou

The Order of the Yasuragindou (黒の騎士団, Yasu no Kishidan - Lit. The Order of the Peace Requiem) are a group of vigilante rebels who fight against the Shadow Empire. Created by Suzaku Hyuga, disguising as Annon, they define themselves as "allies of justice", and differentiate themselves from terrorists groups such as the Shadow Liberation Front, who take hostages and kill civilians, though this may simply be a tactic to increase public support and recruitment. Most of members are former Guardians members and Taisinkoha members, those who followed Seireitou's teachning of the peace requiem, many of whom have defected from other insurgent groups, though many other peoples, even Shadow Empire natives may be found among their ranks. They use a white bird-shaped symbol, on a dark background, as their symbol.


Annon introduces the Peace Requiem Knights to the world as an organization which protects those without power from those who have it. Under his leadership, the Peace Requiem Knights grow in strength exponentially, becoming a force rivaling the Shadow Empire army. At the end of the first season, Suzaku declares the formation of the United States of Kagegakure, a nation of acceptance and tolerance where any and all can seek refuge.

Though Suzaku reorganizes the Peace Requiem Knights to form a structured hierarchy and chain of command, the Peace Requiem Knights rely heavily on his masterful strategies, unable to act effectively when he has not given them specific orders. During the Shadow Rebellion in the second season finale, the group falls apart when Suzaku suddenly takes leave. Several key members are arrested by Aizen's forces, while others go into hiding.

With the formation of the United Federation of Nations, the Yasuragindou Knights was contracted to serve it's military force as well a protector of all U.F.N. member states, in exchange for their continued funding, manpower, and support.

Organizational Structure

Annon (Founder)
Kouhei Hyuga (Kouhei under the guise of Annon)
Commander in chief
Zhou "Mao" Xingke
Haoh Tengaku
Chairwomen of the Joint Chief of Staff
Kaguya Sumeragi
Chief of Staff
Suki Kozuki
Chief of Information and Media
Cheng Zhong
Chief of Science
Sen'you Yaibatou
1st Division Captain
Kyoshiro Tetsukai
2nd Division Captain
Asahina Gohunko
3rd Division Captain
Tatsunori Osakabe
4th Division Captain
Hidenobu Kubouin
5th Division Captain
Xiang Sheng
6th Division Captain
Tousai Munakata
7th Division Captain
Huang Qian
Airship Ikaruga Captain
Minami Yoshitaka
Special Division Captain
Sugiyama Kento
Internal Domestic Supporter
Taizō Kirihara
Vice Chief of Science
Sai Sangyō
Mizore Kousoku

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