It was a gloomy day in the Mist Village as it was peaceful and quiet.

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" shouted Kari Ring as she shook her sister harshly. Kasumi Ring opened her eyes and looked up to her sister. "You're so annoying in the morning, Kari." Kasumi said as she sat up on her bed. "You always call me that!" Kari yelled as she pointed her finger in front of Kasumi's face. "And you always go crazy about boys, make up, and magazines." Kasumi replied. "No, I don't!" Kari lied. Kasumi gave her a face and Kari spoke up, "Okay, I do! But so what?" She folded her arms and looked up a bit closing her eyes. "You're too young for all this grown up stuff!" Kasumi said to Kari as she got out of bed and walked to the door. "As if you know ow to impress boys!" Kari said to Kasumi in a childish voice. "I don't give a damn about boys." Kasumi said in a serious voice before she walked off to the bathroom.

-After a few minutes-

Kasumi came in the room and went to her closet to find something to wear for the first day at the academy. Kasumi looked over to Kari with her hand in her closet between her clothes. "Uh, what are you wearing?" Kasumi asked Kari raising up an eyebrow. "I'm wearing this 'chic' clothes to make boys' head spin!" Kari replied to her sister making a pose as if she was in front of a camera. Kari was wearing a light pink skirt with a light pink tank-top. "You are NOT gonna wear that to the academy." Kasumi told Kari. "Why not? All the boys will be staring at me if I wear these clothes." Kari said as she put blush on her cheeks. "Is that mom's?" Kasumi asked. "Uh, no. No, I bought these....yesterday." Kari lied. "But yesterday we were out of the house." Kasumi said, "Those are mom's, Kari! Don't try to hide it!"

Kari gave up. "So what if I wear mom`s make up?"she asked carelessly, putting lipstick on her lips. She turned around and said, "How to I look?" She looked like a clown who misplaced his face make up. Kasumi sighed and grabbed Kari from the arm towards the bathroom. In the bathroom, Kasumi turned on the water, filled the sink up closed the water, dunked Kari`s face in the water and used soap to get off the make up. Kasumi pulled out Kari`s face and said, "You`re too young for make up!" "Girls! Breakfast!`Ms. Ring said from the bottom of the staircase.