This begins 20 years after Naruto:Shippuden. This story takes place on a cliff where the old Uchiha residence was. Stefan Uchiha, nine years of age, one of the main characters is introduced. Here, he is narrarating his life and his family and of the legend of the Sharingan. This is when Stefan's curse comes in, where the tradegy of yet another massacre happens. After training with his father, Sasuke, Stefan sets out to practice on his Chidori... until he hears a scream. Its his mother, Sakura! Quickly, Sasuke tells Stefan to stay put while he checks the problem out....minutes pass and still no word from his dad. Then, Stefan is attacked by a bear, he fights it off easily when he hears Sasuke yell out a blood curdling yell. When he arrives, Stefan is shocked to see his mother stabbed to death and his dad slowly coughing up blood. As he is trying to get information out of Sasuke, his dad pushes the words; "I...I...Itachi...." out of his mouth before he coughs one last time. Enraged, Stefan sees the bear from earlier and activates his Sharingan for the first time and uses Chidori on the already weakend animal. As it's dying he swears revenge on Itachi and then burns his house as a show of having nothing to be affliated with. Five years later, Stefan walks into the academy and sits down for his last day as a student.

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