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Ryun Uchiha had been living amongst the snakes of Hebikyokoku for two years and had been Gokage Sennin for four years. He had just received news that his cousin Tora Uchiha had been taken by the group, the Kagekenin in a last attempt to take the Ten Tailed Fox's chakra. Ryun went to the Bridge of Life to meet Gensho in a fight for Tora.

Meeting on the Bridge

Gensho was on the other side of the bridge on the way to the sealing ritual. He could sense the presence of Ryun Uchiha coming. Ryun appeared on the bridge with fox eye's blazing and Gensho turned to face him.

"Well now..isn't this a pleasant reunion. The other Ten Tails child is finally here." Gensho sneered.

"Give Tora... back!" Ryun said as his hair stood on ends.

Seireitou Hyuga and Echo Uchiha had come with him to help re-capture Tora. Gensho returned the look Ryun was giving him with an evil sneer.

"If you want to know about'll have to force it out of!" Gensho said laughing.

Ryun began glowing with Ten Tails chakra and the chakra formed a one tailed cloak. A split second later Ryun attacked.

"Hey! What-?!" Echo yelped.

"RYUN-?!" yelled Seireitou.

Ryun hit Gensho so hard that he flew into the mountain cliff behind him. Ryun landed a few feet in front of Gensho and stared with evil fox eyes. Echo and Seireitou sat astonished.

"Ryun...What is this?!" Echo thought.

"What in the world?!" Seireitou thought.

Gensho recovered from the blow and returned to the bridge. "Well, I guess it's almost time to seal and kill my Tora." he said evilly.

"You don't own Tora!!!" Ryun said in a raspy voice.

Everyone's eyes widened as Ryun's chakra shield started to boil. Two more chakra tails formed.


The Third Tail...!!!

The chakra coming from Ryun now was ferocious and full of malice. It caused the winds and the water of the river below them to roar. A small crater was blown in the bridge under Ryun and the railing on either side of him snapped.

"Intriguing...", thought Gensho.

The wind was now echoing through the mountains and Ryun was giving Gensho an evil stare.

Seireitou gawked and even shivered a little, "So that's a Jinchuriki's power?! What a repulsive chakra..."

"So this is Ryun's Ten Tails power..." Echo thought, trying to compare Ryun's to Tora's.

Ryun and Gensho continued their staring contest. Then Ryun let out a roar which cut the bridge in two. Ryun and Gensho were on one side and Seireitou and Echo on the other. Gensho turned and headed for a jagged mountain pass about a mile away, with Ryun close behind him. Seireitou and Echo watched in horror as Ryun and Gensho vanished from sight. To be continued...

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