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The Story Thus Far

3 years ago, a fight that nearly destroyed the world occured. This was a battle between the Denkiteki Sannin no Ninseken. Since then, they have trained to hone their skills, becoming stronger than even Rokudou Sennin, Zukia Tojiro, and even Myoken through their combined strength. They have since retired to their respective positions: Ryun Uchiha as the Gokage Sennin, Seireitou Hyuga as Lord Sekennousama, and Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki as Rosutorikujou Sennin. They have fought together, trained together, and survived the tests throughout their training. After all this, Seireitou Hyuga has traveled to finally earn the respect of his rival, and friend, Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki.

Sake, With a Side of Battle

Hikaru was walking through the streets of Kurisutarugakure admiring the architecture. He was in the village to meet with Lady Kurisutarukage, to discuss the progress in the Crystal Mines. He then sensed a familiar presence and noticed a note on the ground. He picked it up and read what it said:


I feel that our last fight was a little unfair, considering you lost all motivation after I used my Shukai. I wish to fight you again, but I want this one thing.

Hikaru looked further into the letter, and read the bold print.

Release your Shukai, or I will kill you.

Hikaru swore, and then said to himself, "Doesn't he realize the consequences?" He then looked further in the letter and was stunned to read:

But I want to fight you in my realm. I realize the danger it brings to the Human world, and the Other World can withstand such power.


Hikaru sighed, and then he wrote on the back of the letter:

I Accept.

He then saw the letter disappear, and another letter was in its place that said:

Good. Meet me at the site we fought at 3 years ago.

With that, Hikaru set out for the field near Kagegakure 2.


As Seireitou sat on a large rock on the outskirts of Kagegakure 2, he felt a familiar presence and smiled.

"Hikaru, you've finally arrived" said Seireitou as Hikaru walked out of the forest into the clearing.

"Seireitou...... it’s been awhile" said Hikaru

A Large golden portal of energy appeared behind Seireitou. "Follow Me, Hikaru" he said as he jumped into the portal. Hikaru followed him in and arrived to a beautiful clearing, the green grass, and the trees all nice and lush. The sky was pinkish and very few clouds in the sky.

"Welcome Hikaru, to the Other World. I’ve asked Rokudou to reserve this area for us so no-one gets in the way. This time, the whole planet is our ring, just you and me. And relax; even our powers won’t cause any damage outside the planet. I've asked Rokudou and Ha to protect everything around the Other World Universe, so this time, you have no excuses not to fight at your fullest" said Seireitou as he put his hand on his blade.

Hikaru smiled, "Good. Now this time," said Hikaru as he drew his swords. "I can fight to my absolute." He then said, "Protect, Gyakujoukusariken."

Seireitou smirked, "yeah, now I don’t have to hold back either" said Seireitou". "Burn down the gates of divinity, KyuubiTaishou!" said Seireitou as his sword become a large katana with red Kyubi fur in the guard and 9 mini Kyubi tails on the end of the hilt. "Its go time, Hikaru!" said Seireitou smiling.

The Two Strongest: The Battle Begins

Hikaru then looked to the sky and said, "Even though this is a different world, the sky, it's like a beautiful picture..." He then turned to Seireitou, "I have a question."

Seireitou looked up and smiled, "Go ahead, shoot" said Seireitou.

"Do you want me to fight in Shikai, or just as my Shadow Blade is now?" asked Hikaru.

"Well, I'd have to choose, well, for now, Shikai" said Seireitou as he pointed KyuubiTaishou at Hikaru. "I warn you not to take me lightly this time" said Seireitou.

"Okay," said a disappointed Hikaru. He held out his blades and said, "Show your power, Shinsei Gyakujoukusariken." He looked at Seireitou. "I think that it might be better this way. Before it would be like fighting with a twig against a log. Or would it?" He smiled, and said, "Let's get to it!"

"Alright!" said Seireitou as his aura started to level the area around him and he yelled, KatonGetsuga! This went towards Hikaru with great speed and force.

Hikaru just stood there watching the KatonGetsuga come toward him. The blast was nanometers from Hikaru when it exploded. Seireitou smirked at this, but he looked deeper into the dust. He saw Hikaru. There wasn't even a single scratch on him. Not even a single speck of dust had gotten on him. Hikaru frowned, "Is that it? I thought you weren't holding back."

"No, I was just seeing if you were awake, is all" said Seireitou as he flashed in front of Hikaru. "The only question is, is if your taking this seriously?" said Seireitou as another Seireitou, not a clone sliced KyuubiTaishou through Hikaru's back.

"Hey, thanks for getting that awful itch on my back," said Hikaru.

Seireitou smiled, "I should have known...." he thought as he backed away from Hikaru. "Now, lets see" said Seireitou as he looked around, "That'll work" he thought. Seireitou activated his Ragnarok and watched Hikaru, waiting for his move.

Hikaru yawned and asked, "You said you wanted to take this seriously. If you just keep attacking with little scratches like that, I might as well leave."

Seireitou smirked, "Yeah, your right, fine, its time to stop playing around" said Seireitou as he disappeared and Seireitou walked from a nearby tree. "Looks like a shadow clone isn’t of much use against you" said Seireitou as he yelled KatonGetsuga, which targeted Hikaru. Hikaru put out one hand and stopped the blast, yet the blast continued to push and push, causing Hikaru to use his other hand as well, but to no luck, the blast still went right through him and blasted the surrounding area as well. Some would think Seireitou would smile right now, but no, he stayed with a serious expression.

Hikaru was flat on the ground. He then jolted up and said, "You actually tried hard on that one? Cause it was kinda sad."

As Hikaru talked, Seireitou was gone, and no-where to be seen. "Are you really that slow" said Seireitou as he was right behind Hikaru. "I actually didn’t try to hurt you with that, but you'll know what I mean soon enough" said Seireitou as he flipped over Hikaru and met him eye to eye. Seireitou hit Hikaru's blade as the two connected. "Hikaru, I'm fighting you today not to prove myself, but to earn your respect" said Seireitou as he said "Dragon Strike!" and the giant arcs of lightning enveloped both Hikaru and Seireitou.

Enough Playing Around: The True Fight Begins

"'Enough Playing Around: The True Fight Begins?'" asked Hikaru. He sighed and said, "So you want my respect? Well, Seireitou, you'll have to give all that you've got."

"Tuh, I intend to, Hikaru" said Seireitou. "Then maybe, I can prove to myself that I can defeat even the greatest like Echo and Hikaru" he thought to himself as he released his Ragnarok eyes. Seireitou pointed his sword forward and red chakra gathered to him and the blade. "Ban-KAI!" he yelled as a large explosion rocked the land. Out of the smoke, Seireitou stood in a red light overcoat with KyuubiTaishou more compact. "Our true fight starts here, Hikaru!" he yelled, even smiling slightly, out of happiness of fighting the very person said to be the best of the best and one of his own friends too.

Hikaru sighed and said, "Bankai, already? Come on. Even I can defeat your Bankai with my Shikai." He readied an attack stance and said, "Seireitou, Do you know the difference between you and me?"

"Save it Hikaru, I don’t need one of you lectures!" he yelled as he clashed with Hikaru and pushed him back while his sword was enveloped in a KatonGetsuga and he swung his blade at Hikaru several times.

"Well, I'll answer anyway," said Hikaru, dodging the blasts, "The difference is that you can't stand having someone more powerful than you. You always have to be on top. You need to show that you can do whatever, and have no one tell you otherwise."


Hikaru jumped from the explosion and stood on a nearby tree. "I'm your target? And you think defeating me will have me give you my respect?" Hikaru looked to the sky, "If you care less about being the best, why do you still have that Hollow inside you? I'd think that you'd have gotten rid of it by now."

Seireitou become enraged but then returned to a calm face. Hikaru stopped and faced Seireitou. Seireitou picked up his blade and blew Hikaru away, cutting his shirt in two and causing a large gash on his whole upper body. Seireitou picked his head and spoke, "Cause I'm not some coward who runs away from battles, and you gave up your hollow cause you didn’t want to put in the extra work to make it your own. Also, even if defeating you doesn’t make you respect me, at least, I can finally respect myself again. When Ryun and I fought you, I saw how powerful you were and I compared it to mine. I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror, 'cause all I saw was a failure who needed help from another just to last against someone powerful. I vowed to become strong enough to defeat you, not just for my cause, but, in the even that someone like you were to hurt my friends, I would have the power to save them, that’s why. Your one of my friends too, and if someone stronger then you who tried to hurt you, id be able to protect you and everyone!" said Seireitou as he pointed his blade at Hikaru, "release your Shukai, Hikaru!" he yelled.

Hikaru stood up and looked at the gash on his chest. He noticed that only his shirt was cut, He then looked at Seireitou and said, "Seireitou, you are wrong." Seireitou looked at Hikaru. Hikaru continued, “I didn't get rid of my inner Hollow because I was afraid, or a coward, or anything else." He looked up, "I did it, because I was asked to."

"You were asked to?" said Seireitou. "I don’t really care, ill say it once more, Hikaru, release your Shukai!" he yelled.

"Must you always yell?" asked Hikaru. "There are other ways to be heard. And besides, I can't release my Shukai now."

Horrific green eyes could be seen from the shadows, eyes only possessed by Echo Uchiha. "That's true Hikaru; you have to save some energy for our match."

Hikaru looked over. He smiled and said, "Good to see you too Echo. Also, that isn't the main reason." Seireitou and Echo had puzzled expressions on their faces. Hikaru continued, "Well, if you, or Seireitou haven't noticed yet, my blade is still in Shikai."

Echo sighed. "I honestly don't care what form you fight me in, because I don't want to fight you for the same reasons Seireitou does. Not for power or glory, but because I know that it will be a good fight, one that will truly test both of our limits, and show everyone else why we are considered the best." He took on a more serious tone. "But if you don't give me a real battle, I don't want to hear any excuses if I win."

"Why can’t you? Are you afraid or something, that’s why I went to the trouble of getting this area for our fight!" said Seireitou. "Also, Echo, you, the best? Don’t make me laugh. Someone who fights for impure reasons could never hope to be the best. I'll prove it, by defeating you and Hikaru" yelled Seireitou proudly.

Hikaru looked over at Seireitou, and unleashed an incredible amount of chakra, giving the area an ominous feel. "Fine, I try to lighten the mood and this is what I get...ah, what do I care?" He looked over at Seireitou, "I shall not fight you with my Shukai, Seireitou, until I deem it necessary. There are only 3 people on the entire Earth that have seen my Shukai, and they deserved to." He then pointed his right sword at Seireitou. He then said, "I will show you the reason why I have no reason to release my Shukai." He then pointed his swords to the sky and said, "BAN...KAI!!!"

The Worthy

Seireitou grinned, "Bring it, Kurosaki! I wouldn’t want you to fight in Shukai unless you deemed me worthy of such a fight, which is why," said Seireitou as pointed to himself. "I wont go Shukai either, till I prove my Bankai over your!" said Seireitou as he released a large amount of energy from himself.

Hikaru simply frowned, "Guess nothing else will change your mind", he said to himself. "Kyoseisuraisu Gyakujoukusariken." He then disappeared, so fast, that he couldn't be tracked. He reappeared behind Seireitou and slashed him in an X slice.

Seireitou was hit, but dashed behind Hikaru without even Echo being able to track him, slicing Hikaru through the back, and then he dashed to his front and sliced a large X on Hikaru's front. "An eye for an eye, an X for an X, right Hikaru" said Seireitou.

Echo shook his head. "Alright Hikaru, that's enough, there's no point in going easy on him or he won't learn his lesson."

Hikaru stood motionless and said, "Echo, Do you honestly believe that I've been going easy on Seireitou?" There were no cuts on Hikaru, nor did his clothes have a single scratch. "Because I'm not. I'm not doing a thing."

Seireitou also healed his cuts instantly thanks to KyuubiTaishou. "Looks like I need to step it up a little if I want to get Hikaru to use his Shukai" thought Seireitou as he put his hand on his face and summoned his Hollow Mask. Seireitou dashed to Hikaru clashing with him at incredible speeds, in the final clash, Seireitou pushed his blade right at Hikaru's, causing a very small break in one of Hikaru's blades.

Echo continued. "Yes, I understand that, but the more you toy with him, the more he will foolishly think he is on the same level with you."

"Shut it demon boy," said Hikaru. "We don't need any opinions from the peanut gallery." He turned to face Echo with menace in his eyes, "Got it?"

Echo's emotionless expression turned to confusion. "Are you really such a fool?" He frowned. "You're just as bad as Seireitou, letting anger cloud your judgments. Now I am beginning to see that you aren't quite as wise as I previously believed. For the first time ever, I truly am disappointed in you."

Hikaru turned to Echo and said, "I have to let my anger cloud my judgment, so that I might die."

Echo's eyes flared with disgust. "If you wish death upon yourself, and then cut your throat, but the battlefield is no place for games."

Hikaru smiled, "Echo, how long is it going to take you to figure out that I'm not Hikaru?"

"Mizu?!" Echo was beginning to look serious.

Hikaru disappeared in a whirlwind of smoke, showing the demonic face of Mizu Kurosaki. "Oh, for the love of all things sacred, NOW you figure it out? I thought that by my attitude you'd figure out I wasn't Hikaru."

"You dare you disguise yourself as Hikaru. Don't you have any honor!!....Wait, if your the Hikaru I've been fighting, then where's the real Hikaru?!" said Seireitou with anger.

"Why should I tell you?" asked a sarcastic Mizu. "By the way, honor is overrated."

"To be honest I noticed you were a little more...Shady, but I thought you just wanted to shut up the Meow Mix mascot over here just as much as I do." Intense anger shone in his eyes. He turned to Seireitou. "You idiot, he must possessing his body, what point would there be in "pretending" to be him?"

"Heh, fine then" said Seireitou as he approached Mizu and punched him once in the face, sending him into a nearby tree. "You're not Hikaru, that's all I need to know. You fool, you're like Echo, anger and hatred drives your power. You can’t beat your brother, and you can’t beat me" said Seireitou. "Don’t worry, Hikaru, I would never let this guy take you over. But.... I’m not the one who has to do this, Hikaru. You need to show your brother once and for all..... WHO THE TRUE "SHADOW" WARRIOR IS!!" yelled Seireitou.

Echo sighed. "This isn't the time or the place, but how pathetic are you to accuse me of fighting with anger and hatred, when all you do is constant screaming, and throwing your power around? I was beginning to gain respect for you, until you started attempting to sound 'wise'. You make no sense whatsoever. Like I've said, I fight for what I believe." He turned to Mizu. "But, I do agree with you on this. We cannot let this fool stand; we must destroy him once and for all."

"Echo, I merely said that Hikaru needs to let this guy know who is the "real" Hikaru is" said Seireitou. "Besides, Mizu" said Seireitou as he turned to Mizu. "You're a fool, Mizu" he said as he blasted Mizu with KatonGetsuga. He turned to Echo, "Echo, allow me to defeat this guy myself, there's no need for the two of us to fight this weakling" he said.

Echo sighed. "Fine, I'm sure you'll be more than enough. But you are incorrect, I do have ties, but my soul was built upon evil, and if I let my bonds interfere with battle, I will be more than weak."

"Alright, ill take him. And, your wrong Echo, it is because of your evil ties, that you will never know true strength" said Seireitou as he approached Mizu. "You hear that Loser, I’m your opponent. Now, you'll know who killed you when you go to hell" said Seireitou blasting him again with Dragon Strike.

Mizu recovered from the attack. "Teh, alright then, if you want to find that out," said Mizu, "I'll see if the Supreme Idiot Ruler of the Earth is even worth killing!"

Seireitou vs. Mizu

Echo looked at the ground. "Yes, my ties are unbreakable; I was born upon evil, so I am destined to be evil. Since that cannot change, then I will be the best evil I can be, at least then I will be remembered for something." He then held his head high with pride. "But no, I refuse to sit around and mope all day, hurry up and destroy that fool."

"Don’t worry, this should just a few seconds" said Seireitou as he thrust his blade in Mizu's chest and exploded him with KatonGetsuga!

Mizu escaped from the blast with ease. He then said, "Do you even know where Hikaru is right now?"

Echo sighed. "I'm about to find out." He vanished from the realm, appearing at Kagegakure 2, quite close to Hikaru's location.


Hikaru was sitting in the field where Seireitou told him to come to. "That's strange," said the real Hikaru. "I was supposed to meet Seireitou here." He sat back and yawned. "I'll wait a little longer."

Back to the Fight

"I'll ask you once more time, where the real Hikaru is!" Seireitou yelled at Mizu.

"I'll tell you when you beat me, fool," cackled Mizu. He dodged the numerous blasts that Seireitou was unleashing on him. He then said, "But I hardly see that coming with pathetic little attacks like that." He dodged another blast, and slashed Seireitou with his Shadow Blade.

Seireitou blocked it and dashed around Mizu. "I gonna take you out, I was supposed to fight Hikaru today to prove my power against him, AND YOU HAD TO RUIN IT!" he said as he over speeded Mizu and cut him down to the ground and finished him with Dragon Strike. He then saw that a log was in Mizu's place, and the real Mizu was standing on top of a tree smiling evilly.

"Teh, hehehehe," Mizu was trying to suppress his laughter, "Is that all the power you have Seireitou? WHAT A JOKE!!! Hikaru IS stronger than you. I don't see how he could possibly fall for such a pathetic attack!" He held up his blade and said, "Rise from Hell, Tenmatatsujin!"

Seireitou looked down and sliced Mizu away. "You’re the weak one here. You’re the one who needed to hide away and disguise your self as someone honorable. You disgust me. Your brother told me all about you and I think...... you ARE weaker then Hikaru and you will ALWAYS be weaker. Ill say it once more, you can’t beat him and you can’t beat me" said Seireitou as he approached Mizu. "Lets see if you can if you can beat me, lets see your Shukai, Mizu" said Seireitou.

"Aww, come on," said Mizu, "I was starting to have some fun." He sounded much like Hikaru. "Besides, it's not good to leave a gap for one to attack!" He charged at Seireitou and slashed him on his side, leaving a gaping wound.

"YOU’RE HOLDING BACK!" he said with anger as if he was talking to Hikaru almost. "Release your Shukai, or Hikaru's gonna be a lonely child!" he said.

"Well, I might as well," said Mizu, "But, before I do, look at your side." Seireitou looked, and saw a horrific curse mark forming on his skin.

"I see, what is that?" asked Seireitou. "How far are you willing to descend into darkness before you realize that that isn’t the way to defeat Hikaru" thought Seireitou as he dodged Mizu.

"It's one of the gift's that Lucifer was so kind to give me as one of my abilities for my Shadow Blade," said Mizu. "It is called, 'Death's Sting'. A wondrous little thing indeed. You see, whenever I attack someone, I can leave a curse mark on them through my blade. If I strike the same spot twice, that person shall die." Seireitou began to talk, but Mizu cut him off, "And, if the person is an immortal, they shall suffer the absolute worst pain imaginable. It even makes Lucifer cringe in the sight of such suffering."

Outside Kagegakure 2

"Hikaru?" Echo had finally stumbled upon a familiar lazy figure.

"Huh, Echo?" asked a sleepy Hikaru, "What 'r' you doin' here?" He stood up and then asked, "By the way, have you seen Seireitou? I was supposed to meet him for a fight, but he never showed up."

Echo comically fell over on his head. What?! He's been here sleeping the whole time?! "Yes, he's in the Other World fighting someone you'll probably want to deal with, Mizu Kurosaki."

Hikaru was back on the ground sleeping, and Echo fell over...again. He then walked over and kicked Hikaru on his head, causing Hikaru to jolt up. "I'm up, sorry, you were saying?"

Echo began to cartwheel in circles as he said this to keep Hikaru's attention. "Mizu Kurosaki is going to kill Seireitou if we don't go to the Other World now."

"What, Mizu?" asked Hikaru. "Well, ok, but I'd think Seireitou could handle him." He put his hand to his chin, "Then again..." He then strapped his swords to his back and said, "Ok, let's go."

Echo nodded. "Somehow he's obtained a very powerful Shadow Blade. I'm afraid only another wielder can stop him."

"Did you hear the name?" asked Hikaru.

Echo hesitated, he was horrible with these tongue-twisting names."...Ten...matat...sujin?"

"Tenmatatsujin?!" exclaimed Hikaru, "The Demon Master?"

"By the fight he was giving him I would say it was the master of something." Echo nodded.

"No, Echo you don't get it," explained Hikaru. "Tenmatatsujin means 'Demon Master'." He then said, "We'd better hurry, Tenmatatsujin is a blade of unimaginable power. Oh, I just hope Seireitou doesn't underestimate its power."

Echo knew the worst was to come if they didn't hurry, because underestimate was what Seireitou did best. "Alright, we need to get their as soon as possible."

The power of the "Shadow Demon"

Mizu kept on attacking Seireitou and almost landing successive hits on him, but Seireitou kept on defending against the blows. "THIS IS GREAT!!" yelled Mizu. "I've never had so much fun in all my life. To fight against such an opponent, the smell of blood and flesh in the air, the sparks from clanging steel, I love it!!!"

"You always antagonized others, Mizu," said a familiar voice.

Mizu looked over to see his brother Hikaru standing next to Echo.

Echo almost smiled at Mizu because they both knew what was about to happen.

"Really," said Mizu. "And you were always the most popular with the girls at the academy. They would've done anything for you. And that means ANYTHING."

Echo once more fell on his head. He was expecting an epic battle, not an episode of a future talk show.

"Yes, well, we shouldn't talk of the past," said an embarrassed Hikaru.

"Did you ever take them up on their 'offers'?" asked a smirking Mizu.

"Nah, I didn't," said Hikaru. "I was busy training."

"Makes sense..." said Mizu.

Echo didn't get back up because he knew he was probably going to fall down again.

Mizu then lowered his blades and said, "Hey, Echo, get up. Comic relief is over." He then looked to Hikaru and said, "Well then, I guess it's 3-on-1. Heh, fun."

Seireitou released an extraordinary amount of energy. "No, its one on one, you and me, lets go!" he yelled as he jumped in, swinging his blade with such force, it actually caused a crack in the seemingly "unbreakable" sword. "If Hikaru’s is stronger then you, this means that if I can’t beat you, I can’t beat Hikaru, but..... I think, no, I know that I’m stronger!" said Seireitou as he bore his Hollow Mask, and charged up a powerful Cero blast. He yelled, "Cero Apocalypse"!", blasting Mizu with a destructive wave of energy and possible ending the fight between the two.

He looked deep into the dust, and was shocked to see a spiky haired figure in the cloud. "Wow, you actually cut me that time," said Mizu looking at the cuts on his sword arm, and feeling the blood drip down on his head. "Not like they matter, you just need to stop the bleeding," he said as he got some medical salve and put it on the wounds. He then said, "I guess I have to go into Shikai in order to survive." He held out his sword and said, "Claim your title, Saikou Tenmatatsujin." His blade then turned into a 2-edged sword, and it emitted a demonic aura.

Seireitou cared none, to him, Mizu had already lost for dealing with Satanic powers. Seireitou closed his eyes, "Is that all you have, pathetic" said Seireitou as he dashed to Mizu and sliced at the blade. "So this is the all-powerful Tenmatatsujin I’ve heard so much about. It has a lot of power so I heard so.... looks like I need to crush all that power!" said Seireitou as he pushed through Mizu's blade, further cracking it.

Mizu smiled and said, "I wouldn't be so cocky about this." He then pushed Seireitou's blade away, thus continuing the crack on the sword. He then put his hand on the sword, and the cracks immediately disappeared. He then said, "My Shadow Blade is quite interesting. No matter how much damage it sustains, the blade never breaks. There might be cracks in it, but in the time I've had it, it's never broken once."

The Man known as "Hanyou"

Seireitou got up, staggering from all the usage of chakra, "he,he,he,heh, then I need to break it in one shot!" he yelled as he came for another strike.

"You don’t know when to give up!" yelled Mizu as the two clashed with great force.

"he, I just don’t like giving up, there's a difference!" said Seireitou as he was pushing Mizu back and back.

"im..possible.... how, how can he still have so much power?!" said Mizu.

"he, you seen nothing yet!" said Seireitou as a powerful red/black chakra enveloped the two of them while they clashed.

"It’s unheard-of of a Yokai" said Mizu.

"Naturally, I’m a half-demon... more then any other living creature, humans are more egotistical and have never ending desires. I’m part human too, which is why I can’t stand to give up! Plus, when a human has someone he's gotta protect, his power grows exponentially! I have what it takes to beat you, all thanks to my friends!" yelled Seireitou as Hikaru’s eyes slightly widened. Seireitou yelled and pushed through the blade, cracking the shadow blade in two and sliced right through Mizu, cutting off his whole left arm and destroying his left shoulder beyond repair.

Mizu was coughing up blood and he angrily said, "You son of a-agh! You cut off my arm!" He then staggered toward his arm and picked it up. he then said, "Heh, I may have lost an arm, but I'm still here, ya gray haired idiot!"

Echo sighed. "I doubt it will end this quickly." He stared at Mizu's blade. "Unless of course his power is indeed fake."

"Maybe so, but, your blade is destroyed, and you have lost an arm, your finished" said Seireitou as he approached Mizu and held up his blade. "You know, its funny, I believe that, if we met under different pretenses, we could have become friends" said Seireitou as he sent a KatonGetsuga to Mizu's other arm, but it never made it to its target.

Hikaru was standing in front of Mizu with his Shadow Blade, defending Mizu. He then said, "I don't remember giving you permission to kill my brother."

"Tuh, it doesn’t matter" Seireitou said, "Besides, I came here to fight you, Hikaru" said Seireitou.

Hikaru walked over to pick up Mizu's arm, and put it back on his shoulder. He then used his Chakra to heal his arm. Mizu then got up and tested to see if it still worked. He then asked Hikaru, "Why did you heal me Hikaru?"

"You're my brother," said Hikaru. "I can't let you die."

"He's just protecting those he cares about, something you seem to be quite fond of, right Seireitou?" Echo asked carelessly.

Hikaru looked over to Seireitou, "First of all, I don't take it lightly that you treat my brother's life as less, and, most certainly I can't let you take his life. You care so much about this fight, that even if someone intervened, you would just kill them. In normal situations, I might look the other way, but," Hikaru paused, "For trying to kill my brother, I shall show you my Shukai, so you may regret ever attacking him."

Seireitou prepared for it, "Bring it, Hikaru" he whispered to himself, and for he had waited for this from the moment he met Hikaru for the first time.

Hikaru's Shukai

Even Echo watched, not wanting to miss this display of raw power.

Hikaru closed his eyes and said, "Mizu, please stand back. I'm really in a bad mood."

Mizu backed away, "Got it, see ya bro."

Hikaru then had a surge of energy envelop him and cover his swords. He then said, "Shukai..." The energy around Hikaru enveloped him, and wolf ears and a tail formed on Hikaru. He also had 2 swords similar to his Bankai, but the left had a blue aura, and the right had a red aura. His eyes also resembled a wolf's as well.

Ryun and Tora appeared in some trees nearby. "Hikaru..." Ryun said silently.

"Is that the Ten Tailed Wolves cloak?" Tora asked.

"I don't know... but these feelings emitting from Hikaru...they are similar of mine for you, Tora." Ryun said looking over to Mizu now. "He's protecting someone...just like I do..." Ryun whispered.

Echo scanned Hikaru's ascended form. He muttered to himself, "It's over."

Hikaru was silent. He waited for Seireitou to make his move. Meanwhile, Mizu had walked over to Echo and said, "I think we should get out of here to somewhere safe."

Echo was in deep thought. "Yes, but what about Seireitou, he'll die without interference."

"Echo, listen," said Mizu, "This is a battle between Hikaru and Seireitou only. And, if you haven't noticed, Hikaru isn't his usual self. I've never seen him release his Shukai and it having this much power. He's pulling out all the barriers. This is not the time to worry about interfering to stop them. We can get to a safe distance, and help them when we need to."

Back in the field, Hikaru said, "Listen Seireitou, now I am only fighting you to defend my brother. This is no longer a battle of winning respect." He looked down, "Even if you defeat me, Mizu will fight you, and defeat you."

Ryun and Tora arrived where Echo and Mizu were, "Mizu, we must leave. Master Hikaru isn't acting normal. He is protecting you." Ryun said.

Tora glanced back at the fight then to Ryun, "Bro, we have to get out of here."

Ryun frowned for a moment, "I know, but apart of me feels Hikaru's pain. I want to help him. I'm gonna remain here to make sure no one is killed. GO Tora, Mizu, Echo! This fight is too dangerous for you."

Echo glared. "Too dangerous? How dare you say something like that to me. Don't you know by now that I'm ready for any situation."

"Echo, I don't want to run the risk that'll you'll be hurt. Now get a move on." Ryun said.

After a bit of hesitation, Echo nodded. "I need to protect these two if Hikaru gets out of control."

Seireitou's Shukai

"Hikaru, as you, who fights for loved ones, as do I, who must also protect my loved ones, Ryun, his loved one Tora, and yes, even Echo. Even you, Hikaru, you're my friend too and I hate to see you in anger but, this is the only way to help, by defeating you" thought Seireitou as his aura covered the field but, it took the form of many clouds of pure energy floating around the area.

"What’s happening, Ryun?" asked Tora.

"I... don’t know, for some reason, I feel.... comfortable, as if, he's protecting us with his energy" said Ryun.

"Same here bro, but why?" asked Tora

"I don’t know, let’s watch and see" said Ryun as echo overheard and just scoffed.

Seireitou's aura was becoming pure and calm. He was enveloped in blinding light as he muttered "Shukai". He immediately grew 9 tails and red fur on his upper body. He grew fox ears but his eyes.... remained calm, his normal Hyuga eyes.

"Hikaru, I’m not holding back this time, but I promise...... that even if I have to fight 1000 yous and 10000 Mizus, even much more, ill just beat them all!" he said. "It’s your move, Hikaru!" said Seireitou as he eagerly waited for Hikaru's move

A Battle Like None Ever Seen

Echo was at a safe distance, telepathically reading Ryun's thoughts to see that Seireitou and Hikaru had both entered Shukai. He stared at his blade confidentially, as he spoke to Mizu and Tora. "Don't worry, Ryun can handle those two if things get out of control, but if not, leave this to me and...Akujin."

Hikaru simply stood in the middle of the area, not moving a single centimeter. He then said, "I see no reason why you should not go first." He looked over where Mizu and the others were. "I see, so you put a shield around them."

"Yeah, the last thing I want is to get them hurt" said Seireitou, "Now, let’s go!" he yelled. He charged in, clashing with Hikaru at top-speeds, every clash causing rips in the space-time continuum. The final clash, they locked heads. Both were pushed back far away.

Hikaru noticed a small cut on his shoulder. He also noticed that there was a cut on Seireitou's hand from the final clash. "Seems that we're currently at the same level." He then closed his eyes and a small cape made of wolf's fur formed at his shoulders. His fingernails also grew to resemble claws. Even his eyes became more menacing. "Shukai Lv. 2," he said silently.

"Heh, so, to meet another being able to go past Lv.1" said Seireitou as he muttered Shukai Lv.2. His electric discharge multiplied rapidly and his eyes become wilder. Seireitou and Hikaru began to clash again...

Mizu was watching from a distance, until he noticed something that made him jump. "Ryun! Get out of there now!" He thought to himself, Is it possible? Could the seal really be broken?

Seireitou and Hikaru clashed arms, electric discharge flying everywhere, and the wind from their power could easily be felt even beyond the barrier. All over the world, people could sense the fight between them, each person rooting for one or the other.

Hikaru then stopped in the middle of the clash, falling to the ground, and coughing up blood. "What the, what's happening?!"

Mizu then noticed what was happening, "Frick, I can't believe it. It really has broken."

Echo stared intently. "This isn't natural, what's happening to him..."

"Danggit, I can't believe it," said Mizu. "Echo, to put it bluntly, Hikaru has two Ten Tailed Wolf's in him."

A second Wolf

"Good and evil?" Almost sympathizing with Hikaru's deranged brother he turned. "And what do you care, you've been waiting for him to die for a while now."

"Well, I can't stand to kill my own brother after he tried to save me," said Mizu. "I was assigned to join the Jikokukenin in order to kill Hikaru and eliminate the threat, but when I noticed Hikaru could control his power, I kind of abandoned that mission after a while. Unfortunately, when I intercepted the letter Seireitou sent, I had to stop Hikaru from releasing his Shukai." He looked down, "I thought Hikaru could control it, but maybe not." He turned to Echo, "When Hikaru was sealed with the Ten Tailed Wolf, and they tried to split its yin and Yang chakra. They thought they did, but they actually split the wolf into two different beings."

Echo thought about that idea for a minute. "So is an entire Ten Tailed Wolf about to be released? If so, will this beast be as powerful as the first, or will their energy divide?"

Mizu sighed, "Echo, the evil Ten Tailed Wolf, or Malevolence, as it calls itself, has power that exceeds most Tailed Beasts. He could kill us all, and make incredibly short work of Seireitou. Also, it won't be released, but Hikaru will transform into a Ten Tailed Wolf."

"Perhaps our interference would serve for the best." Echo insisted.

"No, not a good idea," said Mizu.

Echo was puzzled. "But if we don't, we'll have to fight him, and chances are thousands of lives will be lost."

"This is similar to the internal battle Seireitou has with his inner Hollow," replied Mizu. "We cannot do anything."

"He'd better gain control fast." Echo considered his options. I don't care if he has good intentions, if he endangers everyone else, we have to kill him before that thing takes over. And I won't hesitate to do it personally. No, we have to have faith in him. Despite Echo still firmly clinching his fists.


Hikaru was writhing in pain as he sensed an evil presence approaching. He then noticed it was the Ten Tailed Wolf. "Hikaru, good to meet you," said the wolf.

"So, you're the one who's causing me this pain," said Hikaru.

"That is correct," said the Wolf. "Now, I think I could make you kill your friends." The wolf laughed, and said, "You are a dead man, and you know it."

"Maybe," said Hikaru, "But I'll die with you gone."

"Heh," said the wolf. "Try me."

To kill a Demon

Mizu looked at Hikaru in the condition he was in. He looked back on his younger days, remembering Hikaru was always the stronger and cooler than the two of them. He also remembered that Hikaru really cared about his welfare. He also knew that Hikaru had no hate for Mizu in his heart, only sadness...

Mizu then broke the shield around him, Tora, and Echo. He recoiled from the massive amount of Chakra, but he dashed to where Hikaru was on the field.

Suddenly, a figure jumped out of a nearby peach tree. He was eating a peach, "Hey, Hikaru." It was Indo Huiyo. He noticed Hikaru's state, "Hey, are you alright?"

Hikaru was growling and he was slowly transforming into a Demon Wolf. He looked over at Indo and said, "Get...Get out of here. Tell leave..." He coughed up more blood and his arms continued to transform.

Indo fell back, "Dah! Whoa, that's freaky. Man, Hikaru, do ya need an aspirin or somethin'?"

Ryun's eyes widened, "NO INDO! STAY BACK!!! Dang, I'm the only one who can stop Hikaru now." Ryun said as his eyes transformed into red fox eyes. "HIKARU!!!"

"Ryun, stay back," said Mizu as he appeared behind Indo. He looked toward Indo and said, "I suggest you listen to Hikaru." He then walked over to Hikaru and put his left hand on Hikaru's head. "You saved me brother, now I shall save you." He then did a series of one-handed signs, ending with the wolf symbol. "Sealing Jutsu: Bijuu Transfer!" Mizu was covered in a blue aura, while Hikaru was covered in a purple aura. The purple aura seeped onto Mizu, trying to kill him...

The Two Jinchuriki

Indo jumped to Ryun's side, "Hey, what's going on with Hikaru?"

Mizu was still trying to save Hikaru, but the power was almost too much for him to handle. Ryun motioned to help but Mizu said, "Stay back, only I can save Hikaru now."

Malevolence Part 2

"Heh, your foolish brother thinks he can save you," cackled the Wolf.

Hikaru was worried that Mizu could really kill himself, but he heard a voice saying, "Hikaru, trust me. I can save you this time." Hikaru then noticed a portal was behind the wolf trying to suck him out. Hikaru then saw that the Purified Ten Tailed Wolf was next to him, and charged at Malevolence.

Echo finally appeared in front of everyone, rage in his eyes, yet he spoke calmly. "Everyone, get out of here now." He turned to Seireitou. "If you ever even want the chance to fight him, let him do this his way." Next he turned to Ryun. "If you truly were his student, listen to him. I'm pretty sure he knows a lot more about that wolf than we do, so we can't do anything but stand in his way."

Seireitou's Stand

Seireitou blew everyone but Mizu and Hikaru away.


"All of you, back, I’m the one who pushed Hikaru to use his Shukai, he's my responsibility" said Seireitou as he carefully approached Hikaru, his chakra ablaze

"Hikaru, if you can listen to me in there, I’m your opponent, not that wolf, TAKE HIM OUT AND GET BACK TO OUR MATCH!" yelled Seireitou as he powered up to Shukai Lv.4, causing everyone to back away.

"He's mine" said Seireitou, his eyes ablaze with determination.

"Seireitou, only I can save Hikaru from this," said Mizu calmly. "Don't interfere." He then felt a spark of energy as Hikaru tried to push Malevolence into Mizu. "Hikaru, just a little longer."

"Dammit, Mizu," said an annoyed Seireitou. "Alright, fix him up or whatever."

Mizu sighed and then felt a powerful jolt. What had happened was that Hikaru slammed the spirit out of himself, and into Mizu. The transfer was so intense, a bright light was blinding everyone. The light cleared, and Mizu was flat on the ground. Hikaru was standing, gleaming with intense power, much more than he previously had. He knelt down to see if Mizu was alive. He had a sigh of relief, knowing his brother was okay. He then helped Mizu to his feet and said, "Mizu, I owe you my life for doing what you did."

Mizu shrugged, "Heh, thanks Hikaru. Thanks for that, and that I have new power." He smiled and saw that a Ten Tails seal appeared on his arms. "Well, I guess I can catch up to you now big bro."

Hikaru laughed, "We'll see, but right now," Hikaru looked at Seireitou, "We've got another problem."

Seireitou vs. Hikaru..... again

Seireitou smirked, "Are you finally ready to fight me, full-force. This fight is taking to long, we should both go to our absolute, absolute limits to finally end this fight" said Seireitou, back to Shukai Lv.2.

"Is he always like this Hikaru?" asked Mizu.

"Yep," retorted Hikaru. "It is admirable though. He always can accomplish any goal that comes to his mind." He then said, "Well, now that the whole body-snatching is over, we might as well end this fight." He then covered his swords in his chakra, and said, "Gentei Kaijo..." Immediately his energy spread all over the area, making the air heavy. It also tore the ground at his feet, and an aura of energy covered Hikaru.

Seireitou quickly powered up to Shukai Lv.3, crushing the ground under him. He waited for Hikaru's move.

Mizu was in awe of Hikaru's power. He was almost gasping for air, but he adjusted. He also noticed Seireitou was emitting an incredible amount of chakra. Hikaru then said, "Mizu, I wish for your safety."

"Got it bro," said Mizu. "I'll tell the others to get back as well."

Hikaru looked Seireitou straight in the eye and said, "I think I forgot to say the name of my Shukai." He paused and then said, "Kujotsukurite Gyakujoukusariken, is the name of my Shukai."

"...mine is called KyuubiTaishou SoukenKami is the name of my Shukai" said Seireitou. He materialized a KyuubiTaishou blade and pointed it at Hikaru. "You Ready?.... I started the fight first, so this time, you start it" said Seireitou preparing for Hikaru

Shukai Battle

Hikaru then disappeared leaving Seireitou unaware of where he was going to strike. Hikaru reappeared behind Seireitou in nanoseconds from his disappearance, and slashed Seireitou.

Seireitou blocked it instantly, "heh, I can see you, Hikaru Kurosaki" he said. He pushed Hikaru back and instantly disappeared. Hikaru was unaware like before and was struck by Seireitou from behind, but, another Seireitou appeared and slashed Hikaru forcibly in the waist. "A clone?" asked Hikaru. "No, this is a flash step unique to me, called "Gelemos Shunpo", which makes me move so fast, it appears as if I am more then one person. He said as he charged at Hikaru.

"Really..." said Hikaru looking disinterested. He looked at the wounds and smiled, "Too bad you still can't cut me." Hikaru wasn't even damaged; only his clothes were cut. He then noticed Seireitou was charging at him. Seireitou came within nanometers of slashing Hikaru, but he missed when Hikaru moved at the last second and slashed Seireitou across the back. He then retreated to a small distance away from Seireitou.

Seireitou smiled, "And you can’t cut me either" he said as his back had only his fur was rustled, but he wasn’t damaged at all. "Your still holding back, Hikaru" said Seireitou as he dashed at Hikaru, only to jump over him. Hikaru watched Seireitou above and didn’t notice the other Seireitou coming in from the front and nailed a close-range Chou Kokuho.

Hikaru then saw the blast coming towards him and let it hit him. The explosion was huge, and Seireitou was sure Hikaru was defeated. But all he saw was Hikaru standing on a small piece of earth in the middle of a giant hole. Hikaru was staring blankly at Seireitou. "Um...what was that big flash? Were you trying to blind me or something?"

"Yeah, let’s go with that" said Seireitou laughing, but then became serious. He walked over to Hikaru and stared into his eyes. He blasted Hikaru with multiple KatonGetsuga, then powered up to Shukai Lv.4, causing the nearby spectators to be blown far away from the raw chakra. He stared into the smoke...

To see Hikaru was playing a game of blackjack with a Shadow Clone. "I'm glad that noise is over," said Hikaru's clone. "I won."

Everyone who was hiding from the blast comically fell over, but Mizu walked over and started to play with them. Seireitou stared at them gaping, and his left eye twitching.

Seireitou enraged, teleported in the middle and violently kicked Mizu into a faraway tree and destroyed the clone. Seireitou then widened his eyes, as if he figured something out. He sliced at Hikaru, only to do nothing but then, instantly sliced at him again in the same area almost right away, this time, a large cut was violently bleeding. "Ah, I see now, that’s the secret to your healing powers. When an initial cut fails, a secondary one can cut it, if it’s right after the first one and in the same area" said Seireitou smiling. "Now that I figured what I need to know.... Gentei Kaijo" he said as he was enveloped in a powerful, blinding scarlet chakra. "Now, I don’t need to hold back" he said as he approached Hikaru, his steps causing the ground he stepped on to be crushed into a mini-crater.

Hikaru then looked at the cut. He sighed and asked, "Did you kick my brother again?" The blood that was on the ground levitated around Hikaru's shoulder. It then flowed back into his shoulder, and immediately it was healed.

"Yes, I did, what are you gonna do about it, beat me in black jack?" said Seireitou as he floated above Hikaru. Suddenly the skies began to darken...

The Skies Darken...

Seireitou began to yell, as the skies became pitch black. Black thunder crashed and screamed in the skies, scaring the hell out of everyone except for Echo and Mizu, and obviously Hikaru. A powerful black-scarlet aura leveled the area, covering his body in a powerful aura, even causing the air pressure to raise, everyone but Hikaru could barley breathe. He yelled louder and half the Other World planet they were on was crushed under the extreme chakra. Out of the smoke, Seireitou appeared, his appearance not changing but his eyes were very dark red and his aura became scarlet-black with black lightning discharge. He jumped back to the ground and faced Hikaru, frowning, "This is my Legendary Shukai state" he said as he stared into Hikaru's eyes and roared, causing Hikaru to be blown away with incredible force.

Echo flashed and appeared with all of the cards gathered. "I've already seen that form twice, and why so serious Seireitou? It is pretty much the perfect day to sit down in the shade and relax." He smirked. "Besides, why are you in such a hurry to lose?" In a creepy coincidence there was a perfectly shaded tree with a large blanket to sit on. Echo walked over and began to deal cards.

"Then you should know then Echo, that I only used this form's 5% of power when we fought. Also...." he said as he watched Hikaru getting up from the previous roar.

"I would hope so, considering I never had to use any major jutsu. Besides, I've trained since then, so I have a few more surprises. But enough of that talk, this isn't my match." Echo had finally finished dealing the cards.

Seireitou wasn’t paying attention with Echo, "Huh, did you say something?" asked Seireitou as Echo fell over comically. He faced Hikaru and waited for his move...

"Well fine then, just for that I'm dealing Hikaru an ace." Echo wasn't concerned with the battle, already knowing exactly how it would turn out.

Seireitou looked down, and smiled, "Your wrong Echo" he whispered as he picked up his head and walked over to the card playing area and destroyed the cards and blanket with Kokuho, burning them to shreds. "It’s your turn, Hikaru"

"Whatever, with that attitude your irrationality will get you killed. Maybe then we can actually play a peaceful game of black jack." Echo pulled out a chess table and began to polish the pieces.

Seireitou's left eye twitched again, but ignored Echo. He turned back to Hikaru, "Hikaru, you and I are both still holding back, so, since Echo is so intolerable, lets both finish this" he said.

"Final" vs. "Wolf"

Yeah, Hikaru's attitude will rub off on you. Thought Echo, patiently waiting to see what he would be up against in the tournament. "I guess this is it."

Hikaru looked at Seireitou and then he looked at the sky. "I seem to not impress you with the amount of chakra I am giving off." He then looked to Seireitou again. "Very well, I believe neither of us has enough patience to let this battle go on for more than 20 parts." He raised his swords and said, "Urufu Shukai." Hikaru then was covered in a long coat made of purple wolf's fur. The coat also ended with ten tails with white tips, flowing with the air. Both of his swords were emitting a purple aura, and his eyes glowed red. His hands also started to resemble a wolf's paw, but in the shape of a human hand. There were also lightning bolts that surrounded Hikaru, like an energy shield. He then looked at Seireitou and said, "What's the holdup? Aren't you going to release your power?"

"Hikaru, this form is reserved only for you, neither Echo nor Ryun have seen this form, your the first to see it outside of training with Byakko" he said as his chakra skyrocketed, Seireitou summoned a clone to go tell the spectators to leave the area for this power may kill them all. Seireitou's upper body was scarlet dark red fur, and his red/orange tails had black tips on them. His hair became fiery orange, similar to Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. He was in his Kyuukyoku Shukai form. He faced Hikaru and Hikaru charged in but was blown away, but Seireitou didn’t move an inch. "Wow, 3 hard punches and all you got was a bloody nose, I must say, I'm impressed" he said mockingly.

Hikaru looked disinterested, "Do you not pay attention?" he said as a small cut appeared above Seireitou's eye. "I was able to get a good slash in before your chakra blew me away."

Echo had had stopped playing chess and was looking seriously at both of them, making sure to scan every prospect, strength, and flaw of their new ascended form.

Mizu was also scanning each of their moves. He always had a great memory, and he could study all the moves that Hikaru and Seireitou were using and recreate them himself. "Check." said Mizu as he put Echo's king into check.

"Echo, look as you like, but, this form has no weaknesses..... but go ahead, look, I don’t care, it wont help" he said as he looked at Hikaru. "Alright, Wolf Man, lets throw down!" he said as his cut disappeared instantly.

"Alright," said Hikaru as he charged toward Seireitou, emitting massive amounts of chakra. He tried to slice Seireitou, but his attack was blocked. He continued to slash, until he got a fatal hit on Seireitou that nearly cut off his arm.

Echo moved his king behind a pawn to protect it from Mizu's queen. "Sometimes the greatest strength of something is easily its greatest weakness."

Mizu smiled and said, "That is so true. That is the reason Hikaru hates to fight at his full potential." He moved his rook to take the pawn that was guarding the Echo's king. He mentally noted that Echo could also not take the rook, because he could take the king with his bishop.

As Hikaru charged in, he went right through Seireitou and Hikaru crashed into a large rock. "Oh yeah, I guess it was your turn" Seireitou said smiling.

"Yes," said Hikaru.

Seireitou floated above Hikaru and became 5 Seireitou’s. They all cupped their hands together. "Not even you can survive this, it has enough power to eliminate every cell in your body" he said as Hikaru' eyes widened. "HA.." he said as they blast become large amounts of confetti and streamers that went on Hikaru. Seireitou laughed greatly while floating in the air, holding his stomach from the laugher.

Echo took the rook with his knight, also using it as bait. "I prefer to use my opponent’s power against them, to add insult to injury.

Hikaru then appeared behind Seireitou and hit him with a very hard paper fan, leaving a red mark on his face. Hikaru was smiling as he descended.

Mizu then took Echo's knight with his pawn. He looked over at Seireitou, now twitching from being slammed so hard.

It disappeared instantly, and Seireitou looked at Hikaru. The fan immediately caught on fire and burned to ashes. "Heh, you didn’t tell me we can fight with origami!" he said laughing.

Hikaru hit Seireitou with another paper fan. "Of course. Also, stop destroying everything I hit you with."

Seireitou blocked it with his arm. "Fine, have it your way, ruin my fun" he said to himself. He rushed Hikaru away and as Hikaru charged right back in, he was stopped by an elbow to the face and then wheel kicked to a large mountain, having the entire mountain collapse on top of Hikaru.

Hikaru got up from the wreckage, and then looked at his fan. It was ruined.

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