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The Uchiha Reunite
Episode data
Episode Naruto #12
Arc Hunting the Uchiha Survivor arc
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
None in this Episode

The Uchiha Reunite is the twelfth episode in Riyan's part of Part IV. This is also the first story in which the stories of Riyan and the stories of Ryun collide.


Sasuke meets with Ryun in the woods outside of Konohagakure. The news was out about the recent Kage Summit; the Fifth Great Shinobi War had been declared. Shortly after this, Riyan appears before the two. Sasuke is shocked to see another Uchiha, but immediately recognizes him as his cousin Riyan. Sasuke tell Ryun that he hadn't ever met Riyan, since he was exiled shortly after Sasuke's birth, but he had heard about him from his brother since Riyan and Itachi, Sasuke's brother, were rather close.

Riyan explains to Sasuke what caused his disappearance from the village, and his hatred of the Leaf. Sasuke is again shocked, as he had not heard the story of Riyan's brother's death, nor had he known Riyan had a brother. Saddened by this news, and accompanying flashbacks of Itachi's death, Sasuke asks Riyan what he has come for. Riyan simply states that he has come to request that Sasuke join Tsukiakari.

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