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Everyone got off the plane after Hikaru landed it on the outskirts of Konoha. Wordlessly, they all walked towards the village. Everyone was still upset at the loss of Takeshi, except for Sei, who held on to the belief that Takeshi was really alive.

Halfway there, Hikaru suggested that they run the rest of the way. Everyone agreed hoping to rid themselves of their sadness. It partially worked, the sadness receded deeper into their minds and they felt better. Once they got to Konoha, Hikaru, Sei, and Mizu looked around.


"Hmm, everything looks the same." said Hikaru as he looked at the village for the first time in a thousand years.

"Don't let that bother you, it's supposed to look like this, but there are hidden defensive and offensive weaponry hidden throughout the wall," said Teru.

"If you say so," said Hikaru.

They walked though the town, straight to the hokage's manor. Along the way, they stopped at Ichiraku's to eat some ramen. They also rented a house, for later use.

Once they reached the hokage's manor, Hikaru told everyone to wait for him. He walked up and told the guard that he wished to meet the hokage, and ask him something. The guard wrote something down, and handed a piece of paper to Hikaru, who walked back and told them, "We have 3 days until the meeting, so let's head to the house, and rest."

Nobody argued with that plan, and they all walked back to the house. Once there, everyone took a nap, some on a bed, and others on the floor.

Meeting the Drunk

Sei decided to explore Konoha. He first went to the Final Valley, and sat on Madara's head. Then, he looked at the hokage rock, and stared at the long line of faces. Eventually he got bored, and decided to head back. He stopped however, when he noticed a guy sitting at a bar with spiky black hair, his right eye bandaged up, long bangs, and a massive blade on his back.

Sei walked up to the man and said, "Well, well, if it isn't Minkai."

Minkai looked at Sei with drunken eyes, and said "Hey look its Reiseitou! It's been awhile!" He then finished off his sixth beer and asked for more.

"It's Seireitou, stupid drunk."

Minkai laughed hyestericaly. "Thatz wut i said!" Minkai said, falling off his seat.

"Let me guess Minkai, Kunkiri has kept you alive after all these years."

"Duh" Minkai said, attemting to get up. "Why do you give a damn?"

Sei sighed, "Never mind, well, seeya," and then Sei walked away.

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