The Crystal of the 6 elements

                                    part 1

it was daytime in konoha and one ninja would not let the peace set in. "i demand you give me a B-rank mission" shouted Naruto "how many times will it take for this to sink in to that thick skull of yours?NO! B-ranks are for high-chunnin and above, you are a genin!"Tsunade shouted back "yeah well, ill be Ho-kage so i can handle anything!"replied Naruto "so you want a B-rank mission?"asked Tsunade "Believe it!"said Naruto "fine but when your body is found, dont blame me".Tsunade thrust a scroll to Naruto who opened it.It read: escort the princess of The crystal members: Kiba Inuzuka Sakura Haruno,Neji Hyuga, Shikamaru Nara,Rock Lee and Shiro Ishimaru. "wait,wait,wait whos Shiro Ishimaru?"asked Naruto "hes a ninja from the crystal country and since he is not the client he has been added to the squad list"answered Tsunade. Naruto headed over to the north gate and met up with the squad. "your late!"said Sakura angrily the whole squad was there already there, and in a horse drawn carridge was the princess.At the front of the carridge was a ninja Naruto had never seen before"i guess you Shiro then" "yes"replied shiro quickly,Naruto could tell they weren't going to get along. "soooooo,your a ninja?"asked Naruto as they got going at walking pace "im a chunnin,and my dominant jutsu style is ninjutsu and mostly fire style,anything else?"he replied impatiently. "i was only asking!" "well keep your nose out of other peoples business!" "Shiro! try to get along with the leaf ninja please" said a voice from the carridge "yes your highness!"said shiro huh? the princess?thought naruto, he noticed a opening in the curtain and tried to peek in suddenly a kunai flew past Naruto. "do not look at the princess!" "its ok Shiro i feel like walking anyway" "but princess, what about bandits"protested shiro "well im pretty sure that you can take care of them cant you" "err...yes princess"said shiro trying to hide his blushing the princess was ok,she was easy-going,kind and caring it was just herimpatient bodyguard that they'd have a hard time with. next time:the mysterious bowman heero hazakana the lightning summoner

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