The second Dorokage

Name-Jaro Alphardious

Blood type-C


kekki genkai- Like the second Hokage's kekki genkai except it givs water style jutsu's 20% more power.

Age-60 died


Jaro is the First Dorokage's son, who avenged his father by killing every clan member in the Doroganimi clan except for 20 who were in diffrent villiages. Once they got back they had a battle with Jaro, Jaro died over the man who killed his father. Jaro help the lord of the land to make the villiage hidden within the earth by making the waterfalls. He also provied all the water every villiage needed by using some sort of jutsu to drain his chakara to created water for every villiage even when he died you can see water coming out of his grave with a bright blue glow in the night.


Water style-Water Dragon jutsu

Water style-Water wall jutsu

Water style-Water Shockwave

Water style-Giant Tusnami

Water style-Harden water drill

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