• Name: Thick Hide Technique
    • Other names: Thick Hide Jutsu
  • Element: None
  • Rank: B
  • Range: Self
  • Type: Defensive
  • Field: Combat
  • Classification: Ninjutsu
  • Weakness: Cutting wind, weight, balance
  • Requirements: Very fatty sumo-like diet
  • Chakra Used: None
  • Hand Seals: None
  • Appears: Kaikinisshoku: Total Solar Eclipse
  • Users: Tei Satomi

This Jutsu, brought upon by a diet with enough fatty foods to make one as large as a sumo wrestler, protects the user with a protective hide that is always active.

  • The thick, cushiony hide is aple to repel blunt damage such as punches and kicks.
  • The hide is able to repel blades.
  • Insulation grants the user protection from fire.
  • The fat takes properties of rubber, making user immune to lightning Jutsu.
  • Pressurized water jets are cushioned.
  • Fat makes the user float on water, as fat is naturally bouyant.
  • Weight makes user immune to gusts of wind.

However, the state has its weaknesses. The user of this Jutsu is extremely heavy and has a poor sense of balance. An earth Jutsu can knock the user over, rendering them unable to get up for quite a while. Wind-based blades are able to cut through the fat, but only a ninja that is aligned with wind can turn wind into blades. The user is also not immune to the Gentle Fist strikes of the Hyuuga clan. A Hyuuga Clan member can easily shoot bursts of chakra into the user to damage their internal organs.

(Jutsu created by User:Cyberweasel89, but is welcome to be used by others)

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