• Prodigy X
    Prodigy X removed this thread because:
    22:53, October 10, 2013

    Listen, I do not care if you are an Administrator of this Wikia, infact I believe that you are abusing your powers by not only delting my pepper spray technique (after it's been APPROVED), but by deleting my F***ING APPROVED GLUE RELEASE. This is completely unacceptable and unfair - you abuser of power, you! I even roleplayed with the Glue Release! WITH PYTHON!!!! >:( Please, oh please, fix this nonsense. That's what it is. NONESENSE! NOT EVEN DAVID HAD A PROBLEM WITH IT, minus the natures used for the element, which were later changed to Earth & Yang.

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    • Oh, and "Pepper Spray is too modern". Then explain where these chilli pepper smoke bombs came from?! And don't say that it's "anime only"! It doesn't matter, because it's still on the series! Not only that, there was a DAMN T.V. in Sasuke's house, just view his history in part one (when they were illaborating on the Uchiha Massacre.) YOU WILL SEE, BUT NOOO, T.V'S ARE TOO MODERN AND "RARE LIKE GOLD"! If one more page is deleted because of what YOU THINK, I will report it to whoever holds a high position here. It's not fair what you're doing.

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    • If I were an admin, I'd delete your toxic release, because Shizune doesn't have a kekkei genkai, and used a poisonous attack in the form of gas, comming from her mouth. >:l

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    • I never pointed a problem at Glue Release, because it was technically correct, but your techniques didn't make much sense. I didn't say much because, for the time being, no other user pointed a problem, so I let it pass. But truly, the only technique that seemed normal to me was the Glue Clone, the others didn't fit.

      That being said, don't question Prodigy's capabilities, when you're the one with the temper and flawed pages. You are in no position to say so. He made much more for the wiki in a second, than you did the entire time you were here. So calm yourself, take an aspirin, whatever, just don't bother others with your own problems.

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