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    18:26, November 20, 2012

    I don't appreciate you deleting my pages, based off what your perspective tells you. I honestly don't appreciate you deleting my pages without even telling me what to fix, let alone when nothing is going against the rules. My love bombs, and most of my weapons were deleted for basically no reason, and they were legit. My kekkeis were also legit, and you deleted it without warning. Not a message left on the talk page, not a "mass delete" tab left on the page.

    Please, stop. It's really annoying.

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    • He can. Also, "love bombs", just the name sells it out. And you're new to the wiki and you already said "Kekkeis". I've been here for more than a year and have done 0 Kekkeis, relying on canon material or original, yet moderated content I made. That alone shows that you have been overusing Kekkei Genkais. And I never got how glue had anything to do with hearts, kisses and love.

      Sorry for getting into your wall again, Prodigy.

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    • P.S: This is Kaitlyn all over again.

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    • David this has to do with prodigy and I now please mind your own business. Honestly, there are many rediculous names in the series. Erasing a page because of its name is like judging a book by its cover; stupid.

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    • I never said that the page was deleted because of its name. It was deleted because there was something wrong with it. I know this matter doesn't concern me, but it's not the first time you try to stand up for something that can't be stood up for.

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    • "Also, "love bombs", just the name sells it out"; david. You said that. AKA, you made a comment on the name, and how it contributed to one of the reasons as to why it was deleted. Also, the hearts made out of glue release was simply the glue element /shaped/ into hearts. An attack can come in any shape and size and form.

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    • You clearly lack the sense to even read a message. You're so blind on your quest to make yourself look even more like a desperate person that you don't take two seconds to read what I mean. I said that, just by the name, one can know what to expect from its content. Honestly, when does it pass through someone's mind to add love bombs to Naruto. Yeah, why not? Next time, why not attack someone with candy? Seriously, grow up and accept the fact that, if it's gone, it's got a reason to why it is so. I'm not gonna waste my time with this anymore.

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    • Good, because it's got nothing to do with you in the first place. PS - All ninjas think differently. Not everything needs to be serious. Not only that, you, too lack the patience to read a page. You go by expectations, and you go by a lame rule stating that every character in the narutoverse must be serious. For crying out loud, there's a technique that makes a person transform into a nude woman! As if you know what the love bombs were? You basically go by the name; as you stated "one can know what to expect from its content". Grow up? I should tell you for the 100'th time to mind your own business. "Quit being nosey"

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    • Excuse me. I may not possess the authority to interrupt, however I do wish to make a complaint. FortressSwan makes an excellent point about those who have the authority to delete pages. Those people delete pages without alerting the user of why it was deleted. FortressSwan's 'Love Bomb' technique could have possibly been created for a fan fiction she was planning on creating. Maybe one of the characters would attempt to use it during one of her chapters. It's a world of possibilities. I side with FortressSwan on this issue. These acts must stop immediately.

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    • "IF" he had a fanfiction, "IF" he had one !

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    • I don't have a fanfiction, but the point is that they completely deleted my pages without even putting a notice on the page, or on the talk page, or on the categories. They didn't even tell me. They just went in and deleted it without wanting any further improvement, and that is not fair at all. I believe that I have every right to have my pages brought back and un-deleted, because what these people did was unfair. And yes, Beserk is right. They don't know for what I would use it for. Even though I don't have a fanfiction, maybe the heart lockets act as a disguise when rping.

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    • Davidchola2 wrote: P.S: This is Kaitlyn all over again.

      I was thinking the exact same thing David....

      As for your remarks, Mr. Swan, I DO have the right to enforce this wiki and "Love Bombs" and "Pepper Spray" are not only useless and ignorant, but they fail to meet the criteria set forth in the Manual of Style. As for an abuse of my power, it is NOT an abusive of my power to remove any and all articles on this wiki that do not meet the Manual of Style. I am granted permission, as an administrator, to AUTOMATICALLY delete any pages that do not fit this and I do NOT even have to warn you; you should consider yourself lucky that I did warn you. As for this being between you and I, that is also false as David is LIKE an administrator and has the right to help delete nonsense from this wiki, such as your ridiculous jutsu/tools and extremely vulgar pages, like Ami Hyuga.

      This is your LAST and FINAL warning. If you keep up your current behavior, you will be permanently banned and your pages removed from the site. I have BETTER be making myself clear when I say that I have had ENOUGH of your winning and complaining.

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