Three Paths of Tenshi
Kanji 毛料の3つのパス
Rōmaji Sanbi no Mōryō
Classification Kinjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary
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Four Paths of Ryun

The Three Paths of Tenshi is a jutsu that utilizes the Yin Release. It allows Tenshi Mazuka to control three separate bodies, although it is an imperfect technique. All bodies are reanimated corpses and are kept mobile by Tenshi's chakra. Like Ryun Mazuka and Pain, he must remain completely still and hidden when using the jutsu.


In order to utilize the jutsu, Tenshi must remain in a secure and hidden area. He must also be completely still to send his chakra via Yin Release. He must also be at the highest point around to transmit it effectively. He must send his Yin Release to the Paths which creates a brainwave.


Ryoku Path

The Ryoku Path (Path of Power) is the first path of Three Paths of Tenshi to be introduced. The Ryoku Path's main abilities are summonings. It is mostly seen when Tenshi is in difficult battles.

Rikou Path

The Rikou Path (Path of Wisdom) is the second path of Three Paths of Tenshi to be introduced. This Paths main ability is the use of Yin Release. After it's introduction, it is the most seen path. With the Yin Release, Tenshi can use many techniques.

Yuuki Path

The Yuuki Path (Path of Courage) is the third and final path of Three Paths of Tenshi to be introduced. This Paths main ability is the use of elemental jutsu. It's main element is Lightning.

Outer Path

The Outer Path (True Path) is actually Tenshi. This Path isn't part of the Three Paths of Tenshi.


Like Pain and Ryun, he cannot afford to give each Path more than one set of unique abilities. This is to balance the amount chakra each path receives. If Tenshi moves just the slightest bit, the paths will disperse like a summon. This is because Tenshi must remain completely still when using this jutsu. Since they share the same eyes, it is impossible to defeat them unless it's a one-on-one fight or the others are distracted.


Unlike Pain or Ryun's paths, the Three Paths of Tenshi are based on the Three Parts of the Triforce from Triforce.

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