This article, Time Dilation Field Technique, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.

Time Dilation Field Technique
Kanji 時間膨張度分野の術
Rōmaji Jikanbōchōdo Bunya no Jutsu
Literal English Time Dilation Field Technique
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu
  • Hiden
Rank A-rank
Class Defensive
Hand seals Ram
Derived jutsu

With one hand seal, Koga demonstrates his mastery of Space-Time Ninjutsu by exuding a "bubble" of space-time chakra that dramatically slows down any target that enters the bubble. It slows them to such a point where even the fastest techniques move slower than a slug, allowing him to catch or totally avoid them. Just as he can slow down time within the bubble, he can also speed it up, rapidly aging a target entering the bubble. This can cause a human's appendage, such as an arm or leg, to totally dissolve down to the bone and even disappear as if aged.