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Naruto character

Age 11
Blood type Unknown
Gender Female
Current Affiliation Futago
Kekkei Genkai Nijigan
Current Location House
Village of Origin Futago
Rank Genin

Personal Information

Todoso is a shy timid kind of girl. She stands up for herself, but usually needs backing up. She has her moments of boldness and courage, which she gets very loud at. Todoso is an all-the-time taijutsu specialist, but can use weapons if needed to. She only needs one and only uses one ninjutsu. Which is her clans dojutsu, the Nijigan. She is the only one of her generation(so far) that has it. Her sister, Hetai Natsumi, has not yet activated. Her clans kekkei genkai is one of the three kekkei genkais of the original council. No one from her clan is a member of the council. So once the current council of Futago retires, she will become part of it. After her 7 years of training with only the Nijigan, she will finally activate the Combat Sense. She is very ambitious when it comes to her training. She has a crush on Soto Eromalc, in which he likes likes her back. They are not officially a couple. Yet.


  • Nijigan

and much more.


Todoso Natsumi is a very skilled taijutsu specialist. She is no Rock Lee but she is pretty good. She is also a very good medic-nin. She does not use the medical ninjutsu but uses herbs and mediine for wounds. She believes in natural healing. When Soto is around, she has the strength to beat Rock Lee. It is as if his aura is an add on to his.


Todoso has red hair that is down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. She usually wears a tan short sleeved shirt and black shorts. Most of the time her hands are in her pockets, because she has no idea what to do with them. She is always seen hanging aroung with Soto Eromalc training or just taking a walk.

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