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The shine of the morning sun slowly rose over the horizon, showcasing the many different yet fascinating shades of red and yellow for all to see. And at time where most would be fast sleep -- one individual found himself wide awake -- making his laps around the village as apart of his usual morning routine. He stopped for a moment, allowing the sun's radiance the glisten off his delectable brown skin. Staring off into the sunrise, Kanata found himself somewhat enjoying its many colors -- feeling a surprising calmness that came over him. For the longest he often wondered why his grandmother enjoyed the view so much and at last he had finally gotten an answer. It was as if nothing mattered in the current moment as he taken away by nature's captivating beauty. After a while, Kanata figured it was time to head back home, to rid himself of the soils of his satisfying workout. He soon approached his humble abode, sighing with relief as the cool air grazed his moist skin. Sparing not another moment --Kanata head for the showers-- were relaxation would guaranteed, starting the day off right.

The morning sun had a companion in yet another early riser, though this one disliked mornings to tell the truth. He had one reason and one only for waking up that morning, and that was to observe his best friend. He had followed Kanata on his run, moving swiftly from the shadows of buildings to their rooftops and to any hiding place he could find in between. Kanata didn't know he did this, because if he did Denki was sure he would flip. No matter how good a friend you are to someone, even light stalking could put strain on a relationship. So he stuck to the shadows and he kept quiet, watching the other male in all his perfection as he exercised. Usually, when Kanata went home from his run Denki would follow suit and go to his own house, however he was feeling like a bit of a change in routine would be a good thing. As the dark skin male disappeared into his house, Denki moved towards the door silently. He stopped it before it was completely closed and waited a few heartbeats before slipping inside. He hid quickly and waited until Kanata was in the shower before he moved into the other's kitchen. He grabbed an apple and took a bite, moving towards the bathroom. He perched himself on the wall opposite the door and simply waited for the other to exit.

Tucked beneath the relaxing warmth of water, Kanata sighed lightly -- finding himself becoming so relaxed he could sleep. Right in that very moment. So instead, he bathed, leaving no corner of his fine physique untouched. Washing his body with the scent of apples, his personal favorite of the many to choose from. After a span of twenty minutes, he finally emerged from bathing -- still dripping wet. Pulling a towel from the nearby rack, Kanata went to dry his moist body before wrapping it tightly around the waist. He pulled another towel from the rack, using this one to wipe the clouded bathroom mirror -- flexing his pectorals after seeing his reflection. He exclaiming his face instinctively, looking cautiously for any strands of unwanted hair. Despite the journey being unsuccessful in discovery of new hair; Kanata decided that he would shave anyhow, becoming somewhat angered (no really) after accidentally snipping his lower jaw. "Damn," he said in an almost unperturbed tone. Apply aftershave soon after, Kanata hissing loudly from the burning. Then finally, he parted ways with his bathroom, stepping out into his house's coldness with that sole towel etched to his body -- leaving very little to the imagination. From there he wander to his room -- not bothering to close the​ door behind him -- assuming he was the only person in his house.

When Kanata exited the bathroom, the temperature in the house rose several degrees. At least, that was how it appeared to Denki. The water trickled down the other male's form, making a path from his head, along his strong jaw and down his nose, down his neck and over his pectorals, down his arms and chest to sink into the towel situated at his waist. Denki was warm all over after only a few moments of looking and he thought that he should leave, as he was possibly moving quickly from the area of trespassing to that of peeping and sexual harassment. And he would loathe to see the other's reaction to that. As the thought of home and a nice cold shower formed in his mind, his feet decided they had another plan, as they begin carrying him after Kanata. He reached the door of the other's bedroom and stood there, feeling as though this was definitely crossing a line. Instead, he pressed his chest to the frame as he rested a hand and his forehead against it, watching the other with half of his face hidden due to the angle. He watched for only a moment before deciding to speak, making his presence known "Good morning, Tiger. Have a nice run?"

To say Kanata was surprised would be an understatement. The fast and almost neck-breaking speed in which he whipped confirmed the levels of shock. Despite his body's reaction, the face showed otherwise. Broadcasting his usual mellow disposition as his blue eyes conveyed an almost glassy stare. "God, Denki." Kanata breathed into a chuckle. His words unable to portray emotions. "You kinda startled me," he confessed, turning fully exposed his naked torso. "How long have you been here?" He asked, effortlessly slipping on a pair of dark briefs under the towel. Dropping it, he walked over to Denki -- staring curiously as he awaited an answer.

A small smile found it's way onto Denki's lips at the speed of which Kanata whipped around to the direction of his voice, thinking about his answer carefully before he gave it "I woke uncharacteristically early this morning, and I knew that you take runs around the village in the morning. I decided to come visit, arriving just as you got back in. I thought it would be fun to test my stealth skills, so I snuck in as quiet as a dormouse. I got an apple and watched you come out of the shower, then I started this conversation." He had to remind himself to keep his eyes trained on Kanata's own as he spoke, not wanting to risk ogling. He brought the aforementioned fruit to his lips and took a bite from it, just for something other to do than talk.

Blu's face remained unamused as he stepped forward, shortening the distance between. It was then that he remained mere inches from the other male. His stature towering over Denki's own, Blu's icy eyes staring down into his very soul. Slapping the apple out of his hand, Blu brought his own massive hand to cup Denki's chin. Tugging ever so slightly -- pulling Denki upward while bringing himself down. Kanata stopped just before his lips, grazing his warm breath across Denki's face. "Don't be a creep," he whispered suggestively before closing the door in Denki's face.

Denki's breathing had quickened due to his proximity with the man of his dreams, and he felt his very core quivering just from the intensity of those eyes. A startled gasp was pulled from him as the apple was slapped away from his hand and a whimper fell from him as he was pulled forward and upwards. He was so close, a slight shifting of positions and their lips would meet...but Denki wouldn't do that himself. He needed confirmation that it was okay, some order or another. He was so focused on the proximity that the words hardly registered before he was facing a closed door. His cheeks turned scarlet and he looked a bit distraught. He moved to pick up the apple, taking it to a waste bin in the kitchen and deciding to wait there for Kanata.

After a very minutes of silence, Kanata walked into the kitchen fully clothed. He noticed Denki's withdrawn posture. Surely it wasn't because of what Blu said? He pondered momentarily, finally walking over to toward Denki. "Redddddd." He cooed lightly, nudging his friend playfully. "You know really didn't mean anything by it." Blu offered, pulling Denki into a hug. "Don't be so sensitive, I was joking." Not long after parting from their embrace, his stomach growled, remaining him that had yet to eat anything since his wake. Never had he been cooking type. Kanata sighed as his eyes lazily shot around the kitchen. "Come on Denki, let's go get some breakfast."

Denki looked up and attempted to put on a lighter expression when Kanata entered, but he failed in that. He returned the other's hug before taking a step back "I was being creepy, though. Sorry, I promise it won't happen again." He decided not to address the sensitive bit, as the Yuri heir didn't truly understand just how deep his feelings went and how easy it was for him to effect Denki's emotional state. His eyes flicked around the kitchen as well, before an idea struck him "We don't have to go out. I have stuff for breakfast at my place, and I am a pretty good cook. We could go there if you would like?"

There was this voice this rang about in his head, something that subconsciously​ beckoned for his attention. "He obviously like you, Blu." The voice chimed, thumbing him across the head with its massive finger. Blu marveled with his hands raised. "Denki? Are you sure? I'm not picking up on any signs." Blu asked, snitching his head with confusion. The beast let loose an annoyed growl before kicking Blu out of his own subconscious. Whipping his gaze over to Denki once more, Blu gave a puzzled look in response to the suggestion. "You would feed me?" He asked, sounding almost thrilled. Before giving Denki another chance to answer, he started toward the front door. "But if you insist," he continued, opening the door to gesture outside. "After you my kind sir."

Denki bit his lip and nodded, exiting the house with a graceful air and his head held high "You are very welcome, messer. Let it be known that Lord Denki Inazuma the Third, Esquire, never let the less fortunate go hungry." He spoke with a rather high and snobbish accent, before letting his laughter rush out of him in a tame fit of giggles. Once that was out of his system, he lead the dark skinned male from the house onto the street, turning in the direction of his own home. It was a short walk, no more than ten minutes at most. He had picked an apartment close enough to Kanata to be able to get to him quickly, but far enough so that it wasn't that creepy. He pulled out his key and unlocked the front door before walking in, two energetic cats meeting him at th door with a duet of purrs and meows. One was fluffy and a her fur was a shade of platinum blonde that was very nearly white, rather odd for a cat. Her eyes were piercing blue, and she held a look of elegance to her. The other was sleek and pitch black, with eyes an unnerving shade of blood red. He picked up the blonde cat and shoo'd the other inside, enabling Kanata to walk in freely "This is Cana, and that's Nyx. She's a doll, but he's an asshole, so don't mind him." He set the cat he was holding down and both felines strutted off into a different room. Denkj lead Kanata into the kitchen and began examining what he had "Pancakes and/or waffles, eggs and bacon sound good, Blu?" He spoke with his head in the fridge, making sure he had all the correct ingredients.

Kanata simply rolled his eyes in response to Denki's sudden take on a snobbish tone -- joining in with his own set of chuckles. He followed closely​ behind as Denki lead them into the busy streets, coming upon his place of residence after a short walk. As they be were met at the entrance by Denki's furry friends, Blu's smile quickly faded after meeting the glare of the darker cat. "Yo, Nyx looks hella evil." He said, watching the two​ scurry into the other room. "I'm more of a pancake guy type of guy," Blu answered in a no so direct way, throwing himself atop the massive counter space. "But it's really to you, Mister Chef sir."

Denki nodded in Kanata's direction before he actually saw the male....lounging on his counter. He paused for a moment, but shook his head and contiued what he was doing rather than saying anything "Pancakes it is, then. You are our guest and we will to serve you well. Isn't that right, sweetlings?" He was at the stove, prepping pans and such for the meal, as he spoke. Moments later, Cana and Nyx entered the kitchen space with affirmative meows, Nyx leaping dieectly onto Kanata's lap and making himself comfortable, "accidentally" digging his claws in a bit as he did so. Cana began winding her way through Denki's legs as he worked, keeping him company "How do you like your pancakes, eggs and bacon, Blu?"

Kanata winced under the claws of Nyx, feeling light yet tolerable scratches despite having on jean pants. "Looks like someone need their nail filed down," he said with a coo, petting Nyx; who surprisingly didn't object. "Aww Denki, you make me feel do at home." He added. Soon finding comfort under the light purrs of the cat. The interaction with the animals made him sudden desire a pet of his own, though a dogs would be more of a fit to Kanata's style. "Scrambled is fine. And with the bacon, make it crispy. But not too crispy, I want it had some bend." Blu responded. His answers coming off as more demanding than he intended. "Though the pancakes are completely up to you."

Denki shot a glare over his shoulder at the mention of nail filing "That hurts them, you know. Filing down their nails. It's barbaric and I would never do that to my babies." His voice was light and conversational, but it held a sort of finality to it. Apparently his cats were a soft spot for him "Scrambled and crispy bendy, got it." He went to a cabinet and pulled out a few more things "How do strawberry flavored pancakes with some chocolate chips in them sound?" Soon after he asked the question, he was mixing together the pancake batter, still not adding the flavorings and the chocolate chips, waiting for Kanata's confirmation on it.

"What's barbaric is how easily they can claw through jean pants." Kanata sneered in his retort, shrugging somewhat. He joked about filing their nails for the most part, yet he remained unaware of Denki's glare and slight change in tone from the notion. Began switching his leg in silence, looking up at the ceiling -- surprised to find that he suddenly thought about the conversation with Gyūki. Did Denki really feel a certain way about him? He thought to himself, hopping off the counter with Nyx in his arms. "Yeah sure," he answered quickly, not actually hearing anything Denki asked. He was tempted to question Denki about his supposed crush, however, it was just a type of conversation he didn't know how to spark.

At the other's answer, Denki flavored the mix and threw the chips in, setting the bowl aside to begin working on the eggs. Soon the kitchen was filled with the smells of breakfast: sizzling bacon, cooking eggs and pancakes galore. Denki looked happy with his work and gave a curt nod before turning to Kanata, noticing the look on his face. He wondered what the other was thinking about, and decided to approach it tactfully "Food should be done in just a few minutes, Blu." He wiped his hands on a nearby cloth before turning to the other fully, crossing his arms casually across his chest and tilting his head to the side curiously "Penny for your thoughts."

Kanata turned his head to meet Denki's stare, pondering on his choice of words as he moved from the counter top. "So Denki, we've been friends​ for a long time now," He started, placing Nyx on the ground. Despite what Gyūki had told him, Blu was still somewhat unsure if it were true or not. Though there had always been a subtle hint of attraction between them, Kanata had gotten attention like most people he met. "And you do know that we can talk to each other about anything, right?" Kanata found himself growing annoyed of his own bush beating, he could no longer avoid the notion that peaked his curiosity. "How do you feel about me?" He asked fully, raising his brow as he awaited an answer.

Denki had been getting more and more nervous about where this was going and then Kanata said it and his mind went blank. He stared at the other for a moment before he realized that might be creepy and turned to the stove once more. He used flipping the pancakes as an excuse to stay silent, but the food wasn't done just yet. He would have to talk "I think you're great. You're a good friend and a good person over all and...and that is not what you mean." He stared at the pans as his mouth opened and closed without words coming out, like a fish out of water that was trying to breathe. It was a good analogy, since Denki felt like he couldn't breathe in that moment. He was able to force words out after a little minute, however "Why is this so hard? Ugh! I adore you, okay? I look at you and you embody everything that I dream of, everything I want in a guy and I haven't been able to tell you because what if you don't like me and that ruins our friendship? I would rather die than have you not be my friend anymore, no matter how much not being able to hold you close and have your love hurts me." He didn't notice he was crying until the tickle of the tears registered on his nerves. He wiped under his eyes and made a point not to look at Kanata. He had embarrassed himself, surely.

Kanata just stood silently there for a moment. The fact that he couldn't fully process the many mix of emotions surprised him. He chuckled upon realizing that Gyūki's suggestion was indeed valid. It didn't really need to be said, but damn was that old ox smart. Everything had suddenly became clear as day to him, from the time they first met to even now. Denki was always there. Kanata saw himself as a bit foolish for never taking notice, especially considering just how clingy Denki was. A smile slowly etched across the man's face as he approached Denki from behind. He had never usually been one for the dating scene, but he could easily see himself finding a mate within Denki. He turned the smaller male around to face him, staring deep into his eyes. He was flawless in motion, bringing his full lips down upon Denki's so suddenly. He attacked with little indication, halting Denki's​ sobs. "I can't believe I never noticed this before."

Denki was more than prepared for Kanata to say some words to let him down gently and then leave, when he was turned around and kissed. Denki was awestruck for more than a moment, simply staring into Kanata's eyes to see the sincerity there. He was going to say something when a thought struck him suddenly "The food should be done..." He turned from the other quickly and began to put the meal onto plates. The pancakes were done to perfection, the bacon was just the way Kanata liked it and the eggs were scrambled nicely. He slipped out of the other's way and placed the plates on the counter before getting utensils for them both to eat with. He returned and set Kanata's down on his plate before going to his own and beginning to eat. He filled his mouth so he wouldn't have to talk and avoided catching Kanata's eye. He didn't want to do something to ruin this, or risk waking up from this glorious dream.

That same smile was still plastered on Kanata's face as Denki moved about the kitchen. He was purposely and skillfully avoiding eye contact with Blu for some odd reason. Though Kanata would not just let it be. He could tell that something within Denki yearned for confirmation that this wasn't a dream. And he sought to do just that. Though he was still quite famished, the man's appetite would now be directed toward another source of interest. His eyes glared over toward Denki in hopes of snatching his poor man's soul right from its palace. With a charisma was passed unto him from his predecessors, Kanata made not one single error while swiftly moving in to capture Denki once more. He made it his goal to not be ignored, now having Denki straddle his lap. "What's the matter?" He opened with a husky voice, carrying as much sensuality as humanly possible.

Denki was doing a relatively good job at pretending he didn't just vomit the contents of his heart out at the feet of the man he loved. He was pretending that everything was normal and that they were normal and not making eye contact was making it so much easier to pretend. But then all of a sudden he was in the lap of the man of his dreams and his cheeks were probably a very bright red, most likely clashing with his eyes. His red hues looked into Kanata's blue uncertainly and he raised his hands to trace his fingers with their painted black nails over the other's cheekbones and down across his lips "You're real...this is really happening...This isn't how I imagined this would happen..." His eyes flitted over the other's features and his heart felt like it could burst with joy "You aren't following the script that I had plotted out for this conversation but...I couldn't be happier with the change...Do you really like me back?"

Kanata could help but adore the mess that was Denki. His actions for situation was simply cute. He felt the unfolding​ event must've too for him as he questioned the reality of the matter. Kanata could only laugh in response, allowing his grip to squeeze Denki in a reassuring manner. "Well yeah." Kanata mused. "You're my best friend and we've been through a lot together. There was always this attraction for you but I've never been one to act on how I feel. Your confession made it just a easier for me to realize it." He confessed. Kanata could no longer be held from what he desired, and in this instance, he desired Denki. The touching also did not aid in the slightest with his restrain. Kanata instinctively stole a kiss -- peaking Denki's soft lips -- only to take another, this time going deeper, grazing his tongue across them; begging for an entry.

Denki was lost in the other's words. This was really happening. He couldn't be happier. His world couldn't get any brighter...then Kanata's lips were on his and he didn't realize just how wrong the previous thought was. He was sitting in the lap of someone he had loved for longer than he could care to remember and kissing him, actually kissing him. It was heavenly. His lips parted eagerly and he welcomed the other's tongue, his own moving into a sensual dance between the two, Denki pouring all of his emotion into the kiss. All that he had been unable to express before this very moment flooded from him and he wished he could send these feelings directly into Kanata's head because they were intoxicating to Denki and he was the one feeling them. He just wanted the other to know just how in love he was. He was positively head over heels.

His wish was granted. And it was all through the sheer passion that Denki placed on Kanata in the heat of the moment. Everything was felt. Not one emotion, thought, need and desire would go unseen to him. Denki had truly been there from the beginning, since even their early days at the academy. The realization only made furthered Blu's hunger for Denki. His grip became more intense and the kisses became much more sloppy. He was now fully invested into trying to devour Denki's mouth, to claim it as his own. He held the other man's tongue hostage in his mouth, slurping and pulling with a suction that just would not cease. And at some point did he realize the need to breathe, only breaking away to catch his breath. "I love you too," Those words slid from his throat smoothly. Despite having said those words to previous partners; this time, he meant every syllable. It was nearly impossible for him to contain himself while in this state of mind. The tension and sheer lust soon caused a rise to poke beneath against Denki's bottom.

He would give anything to stay like this forever, even if his lungs did begin to scream for air. He cared even less about the lack of oxygen when Kanata's arms tightened around him and he began sucking on his tongue. Denki was sure if they had been standing, his knees would've given out. That wouldn't have been a very sexy or endearing thing to do, so he was glad for their current position. Kanata pulled away and said four wonderful little words and Denki was smiling like a fool. It was at that moment that he placed his forehead against the others and felt the...protrusion grazing his posterior. His breath caught ever so slightly and his eyes widened fractionally, his cheeks being shaded a very dark pink. He did his best to keep himself still as he tried to form words "Um W-we should eat. I didn't cook this wonderful breakfast so that it could go to waste, you know?"

Kanata hissed as he reluctantly pulled away from Denki. It was around then that Kanata took noticed of his jeans suddenly constricting near his waist. He now understand why Denki's cheeks seemed flustered and why the lad possessed an awful stutter. He couldn't help that Denki brought out this side of him. The sheer strength of his growing appendage felt as if would burst right from his jeans. Though he eagerly desired to take that sweet Denki in the moment; he instead nodded, lifting the smaller male from his lap with ease. Placing him back down into his seat, Kanata stole one last kiss, adjusting his pants to hide his wood. "I'm sorry, Red. I seemed to have gotten carried away." He offered with a smile. And just like that, it was of all the sexual tension Kanata held suddenly didn't exist.

Denki was placed back in his chair and he felt like he could actually breathe now. Though he had to admit, if lack of oxygen was the price of being close to Kanata, then breathing was completely overrated. He looked down at the food on his plate and found his appetite had diminished somewhat, and it wasn't really that large to begin with. There wasn't much left on his plate since he had been eating before, but he hated eating when he wasn't hungry. He finished another piece of bacon, a few more bites of eggs and a pancake before placing the rest of his leftovers in the trash. Once he was done, he stood a bit away from Kanata, watching him as he ate his own food, enraptured by the object of his desire. He made even the most mundane things sensual, it was really a gift only men of the Yuri bloodline seem to possess.