Tohiryuu Ryusando

A Bleeding Sunrise Character
Age 33
Birth Date June 17th, Dragon 61
Gender Male
Rank Taichou of Shirotenpi
Elements Raiton, Hiton
Current Team Shirotenpi
Bingo Rank S-Rank
Classification Missing-nin
Previous Affiliation(s) Sunagakure

Tohiryuu Ryusando was born on June 17th, in the Sixty-First Year of the Dragon, to Tohiryuu Ryuugami and Tohiryuu Teisai, both Jonin of Sunagakure. At the age of six, he entered the Sunagakure Ninja Academy. For five years, he studied the arts of Ninjutsu, but he was commonly identified as a slacker, who was 'more interested in becoming famous as a ninja than helping his village'. A year prior to his graduation, his father fought Salamander Hanzou, the (then) leader of Amegakure, and died through use of the Shimon, although he failed to defeat Hanzou.

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