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Tokohoma Minnate
Tokohoma Minnate
Status Deceased
Highest Rank ANBU
Classification A-Rank
Birthdate March 2
Age 24
Gender Male
Affiliation Mitsugakure

Tokohoma Minnate was an ANBU-ranked ninja from Mitsugakure. He had a traumatic experience when he was a child, the sudden death of his parents.


At the time of the Hiroko War, both his mother and father were Jonin-ranked ninja that participated in the battle. They both lost their lives during it.

His mother- by an arrow through the head (shot by the Dragon's Arc), and his father- killed by a ninjutsu, pierced through the chest.

This drove Tokohoma to train harder than ever so he, one day, could avenge his parents and kill their murderers.

He does not succeed, however, as he met his demise at the arrow of Hikaru Gekkou.

Butiroshi War

During the next war to take place between Ryugakure and Mitsugakure was the Butiroshi War.

Knowing this was his chance to take his revenge, he preformed higher-ranked missions a Jonin wouldn't normally complete, and was promoted to ANBU, and deemed himself powerful enough to fight the battle.

He did so, killing Moteroshi and various other unnamed ninja, but ultimately met his downfall when he spotted and attempted to assassinate the Kaidakage, Hikaru Gekkou, but was easily killed with the Dragon's Arc. What he doesn't realized is that this is the weapon that killed his parents, making his death bitterly ironic.

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