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Fanon character

Tora Urami

Tora Urami.

Age  ?? (deceased)
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Blood type B
Gender Male
Highest Rank Jonin
Chakra Nature Lightning


Not much is known about Tora, aside from the fact that he has an older brother Shinji Urami.


Tora could be considered an optimist. Although he doesn't talk much, he pressures his daughters to do well in whatever they wish, usually on the point of stressfulness. However, he cares for his daughters and wife very much, and is very protective of them. He can also show to be disappointed, as much as when he attempted to stop Sachi Urami from defecting.

Part 1

Destruction of Konoha

Shortly after Konohagakure forces repel the attack by Sunagakure and Otogakure, He heads back to his own home, only to find his wife Mitsuki Urami dead and Sachi looming over her, staring at her father with murderous intent. Having no other choice, he is forced to fight against Sachi, but is easily outmatched. A tear runs down his eye as he closes both of them and lets Sachi deal the final blow, killing him.


Tora has all regular abilities of the Urami Clan. He is skilled at ninjitsu and a mostly aggressive fighter.

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