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Naruto character

Torinara Natsumi
Age 40
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Current Affiliation Naigakure
Kekkei Genkai n/a
Current Location Naigakure
Village of Origin Kabegakure
Rank n/a

Personal Information

Torinara Natsumi is the father of Hetai Natsumi and Todoso Natsumi.He is not a ninja and is not a member of the Guardians.He is actually one of the only human members of The Diablo.He is not that good at combat but is excessively good at mechanics,like the Diablo robotic humanoids.He is a criminal,so Hetai never talks about him.He also killed Hetai's mother,so that adds on to Hetai's hatred towards him. In the Diablo HQ, he usually battles Christophe or plays chess with Black Eid or Christophe, always being the successor. He is physically fit from all the training in Naigakure. He uses all the same techniques as Christophe.


He is very good with a knife and can kill many with one slice. He is better with a knife than Christophe. He is very hated for these skills.


Torinara is very broad-shouldered and very muscular. He has a long pouch on the right side of his pants, holding his knife. He always wears a blue shirt and tan pants. He has black hair and black eyes.

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