Tem Trinity
Team Trinity

Tem Trinity (三位一体)

  • Shin yūsha
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Team Info
  • Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Team Jutsu

Team Trinity, also referred as Team Dojutsu is a group originating hailing from Konohagakure each possesing a powerful Dojutsu. The team is led by a powerful kunoichi known as Imi Hyūga also goes by (Heaven's White Eyes). When working in joint with the other groups they takes the name Shin yūsha (新勇者,New braves).


Team Trinity came into existence after Imi Hyuga met Yomi Uchiha in a temple of the sage. Realizing that they both possesed items that was onced used by the sage. They Joined forces in order to defend the temple for would be attackers. Soon after leaving the temple they met Setsuri Omeno, a ninja possesed the Rinnegan. Testing his strength the saw that he would make a good addition to the team. Reluctant at first he joined stating they would be good to train with.


Imi Hyūga  - The leader of the team she possese the Byakugan and Ten Byakugan. She is able to use Yin and Yang Release. In the team she acts as a scout using her Byakugan and medical ninja.

Yomi Uchiha - The Seconed member he possese the Sharingan and Mangekyō Sharingan. He is able to use Wind, Fire, and Lightning Release. In the team he searves as the teams genjutsu expert and jutsu learner.

Setsuri Omeno - The third memeber her possese the Rinnegan. He is able to use an advance version of Fire,Wind, and Lightning Release. In the team he searves as the teams stealth ninja and intelligence gather.

Team Jutsu

Trinity Assault - Eyes of the Great

Elemental Release: Absolute horizon

Dojutsu Technique: Singularity

Ultimate Sage Technique: Synthesis of Sages

Other Memebrs

Sanada Yukimura

Team Seirei

Takashi Shichirou

Shiranui Ōkami​

Team Shadow

Akria Yusuke

Ketsueki Rikudō

Team G.R.A.V

Matsuo Taiki

Hoshimi Kūgeki


The Warlords

Kyō akuryōai