Tsuchigoten R Miroku is a Jonin and Hunter-nin of Takigakure and one of the eight known memebrs of the Byako clan. He was originaly a missing-nin from Kumogakure, but later became the leader of Takigakure, and the founder of the "Eye Of Waterfall".

Tsuchigoten was borned in a pacifist, but extraordinarily strong clan, the Byako clan. After he grew up, travelled to Kumogakure, to become a hunter-nin. He was praised by everyone in Kumogakure, even by the Forth Raikage. But he was always a kind-hearted man, and when he refused the mission to kill Gaara from Sunagakure and Uzumaki Naruto from Konohagakure, the Forth Raikage exiled him, and Tsuchigoten had to run away. Tsuchigoten started to train his hunter and wind techniques to perfect. One day, he clashed with Orochimaru, and almost killed him, but let Orochimaru to ran away. He obtained the "Scroll Of Wisdom", and he gave back to Takigakure. After that, by thank for his action, Takigakure adopted Tsuchigoten.

By time, he became very popular in the village. He became more famous when he gave the chance to the exiled clans to move to Takigakure, and founded an organization to prevent the power of Danzo's Root and the power of Kumogakure. Tsuchigoten became the leader of the village, and he promised that he always will protect the village.

Tsuchigoten is a very loyal man to both his clan and the people who belives in him. And he also a very carring man, training the kids to protect themselves againts taller and stronger shinobis.

Tsuchigoten also has a great belief in peace and justice. While the other villages try to steal techniques and abilities, he saves those ones who are the targets of these countries.

Tsuchigoten always has conflict with Kumogakure, and despite he doesn't hate Kumogakure, he can never forgive them for their evil methods to steal more and more power to conquer the world.

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